Wordle’s Best and Worst Seed Words Revealed by a Computer Program

Wordle’s best and worst starting words were revealed by a computer program, presenting the optimal five-letter word to play first.

A computer program revealed wordlethe best and worst starting words, presenting the optimal five-letter word to use first each time. There are a number of known strategies for guessing the daily wordle puzzle, from eliminating key consonants and vowels to identifying the location of specific letter combinations. Most players choose their starting words differently, and many experts have chimed in with the best words to start with. wordle games with. This has sparked quite a debate online, with many players claiming that the starting word chosen is the most effective in solving the puzzle.


What seems to do wordle so alluring is the accessibility of the gameplay. With just six guesses, players must identify the daily five-letter word from 12,478 different English options. Each guess helps by eliminating letters or revealing which ones are in the answer, with green boxes confirming the letter is in the correct place. Although the game was released in October 2021, it became a viral sensation in early 2022 after gamers started posting their wordle boxes on Twitter, showing how many tries it took them to guess the correct answer. While some people have grown annoyed with how often people post – as was the case with Wordlinator, the Twitter bot that punished those who posted their wordle boxes – many found this encouraging.

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To settle one of the biggest debates in gaming, the TikTok user crvlwanek (Going through Kotaku) created a computer program that revealed the best and worst seed words to use in wordle. Crvlawanek was responding to a linguist who demanded the best first word in wordle is angry”. Crvlawanek developed a computer program that found the best starting word is “later”, followed by “alter”https://screenrant.com/wordle-best-worst-starting-words-computer-program/,” alert”, and “arose”. “Irate” came in fifth, along with a few other good firsts wordle words being “watch”https://screenrant.com/wordle-best-worst-starting-words-computer-program/,”arise”https://screenrant.com/wordle-best-worst-starting-words-computer -program/,”increase”, and “learn”. The program used wordlefrom the word list of its source code hack, which contains all the answers to past and future puzzles. The program gave each word a score based on the frequency of each individual letter. This data was then used to score potential seed words from best to worst. The program revealed that the worst possible starting word in wordle is “xylyl” due to the rarity of these letters in wordlethe list of words from.

Use “later” at the beginning of wordle can increase the chances of solving the puzzle, as proven by computing. That being said, many gamers simply enjoy wordle, so it is not necessary to always employ the best possible strategy to win. Part of the fun is trying new strategies every day and using trial and error to perfect them. There are also other ways to increase the challenge of the game, such as wordleThe Hard mode of which requires players to use all the clues from subsequent guesses.

Crvlwanek’s computer program revealed wordleis the best starting word, however, most puzzles cannot be guessed from the start. Instead, players will have to choose correct words in their next guesses if they have a chance of solving the daily puzzle. The first word is important, but solving the wordle takes precision in all assumptions.

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Source: crvlwanek/TikTok (Going through Kotaku)

Gordon K. Morehouse