Transact, University of Limerick partner for a new immersive software engineering program

In an effort to modernize the way computer science is taught through immersive learning, Transact is committed to supporting the new Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) program at the University of Limerick. As part of its commitment, Transact will participate in the hosting of the ISE program residences and will join the ISE advisory board, made up of a coalition of world leaders in space.

“There is no other program in the world like Immersive Software Engineering. The hybrid model, with a strong focus on learning while doing, will revolutionize the teaching and learning of software, ”said Harvey Duthie, CEO of the Foundation at the University of Limerick. “Thanks to its participation, Transact is transforming the educational landscape of the technological leaders of tomorrow.

“ISE’s goal is to transform curious and creative people into the best software engineers in the world,” adds Duthie. “Software engineers have amazing careers – they work all over the world, solving big problems while working for the world’s best technology companies like Transact. “

The computer science course will see students spending half of their time learning with professors and researchers and the other half in paid internships, called residences, with tech companies, including Transact. They can get a master’s degree in four years, rather than five or six years.

Transact has committed to participate as a host of student residences, starting in 2023. In addition, as part of an overall commitment to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in technology, Transact s ‘is committed to making a major donation for a scholarship that will prioritize students from diverse social backgrounds. and business circles.

Additionally, Transact executives will work with the ISE Advisory Board to help shape the program.

“The synergistic blend of studio learning and immersive residencies with industry leaders will equip tomorrow’s technology leaders with soft skills and modern applied software practices to enable them to be successful in their careers,” said John Burton, Senior Director of Product Development at Traiter. “This innovative educational program is a game-changer, and supporting it is obvious. “

Last November, Transact announced that it would create 110 new jobs in downtown Limerick and that its next-generation digital campus in Limerick would serve as the company’s international headquarters. The company has made steady progress towards this hiring goal, with nearly 50 employees now based in Transact’s Limerick office.

Gordon K. Morehouse