Ten things to consider before planning a degree in software engineering or computer science

Software engineering and computer science are fast growing fields in Pakistan, both in terms of education and labor market. All other businesses need skilled computer scientists or software engineers. Their roles are not limited to one or two types of tasks. Instead, there are different subfields under the umbrella of computer studies. You can choose to work as a developer, project manager, or one of the various jobs available to you.

However, you may not set any of these fields. Most students have no idea what they are going to do in their degree and after they finish it. Well, if you are planning to do a bachelor’s degree in the field, you shouldn’t be one of those students. Here are the things to consider before planning a degree in software engineering or computer science.

How good are you with the computer?

As the name suggests, you have to be good at computers to be good in the field. If you think the computer, its operating system and everything related to it has always been easy to understand and use, this might be the right choice for you. But if you are a student who has never got along with such systems, I suggest you rethink your idea.

Do you have a natural penchant for technology?

In addition to being good with understanding computers, an interest in modern technology is important. See if you’re curious about how the technology works, what can be improved, and how to learn more. This curiosity and fondness for technology is a sign that you want to study the subject.

You must be good at math and statistics

Software engineering is not just about studying computer systems from a surface. Thorough knowledge of this system requires you to be good at subjects like math. You must apply statistical and mathematical logic in many places throughout the course. So, know before choosing the degree whether or not you are good with numbers.

Programming is the hardest thing where students wish they could reconsider

Students who choose this degree without thinking about their decision seriously want to reconsider it when studying programming. So far, programming is the most difficult subject that students are afraid of. Get a general knowledge of what this subject is and if you are interested or not before choosing IT as a career.

Internships should be part of the degree

You are only recognized in job interviews if you have some experience in the field. Otherwise, you will have to adapt to the internships after your diploma. So your degree will be difficult but you will still have to do internships in the last few years if you really want to learn something.

This degree is more skill-based

Software engineering or computer science is more about skills in the field. You will find several graduates who get very low paying jobs. Mostly it’s because they don’t have a good skill set. If you don’t want to be one of them, you should learn as much as possible during your degree.

You will need to be involved in many parallel learning projects

Most of the time, students who get good jobs right after graduating are involved in lots of parallel learning projects. Some do independent projects and some are involved in self-study. This is because you won’t learn everything through your classes. In fact, you might end up learning nothing if you depend only on your university. So, make sure you are ready to learn everything you need during the degree.

Job prospects

Before choosing this degree, you need to consider whether or not you fit the related jobs. As far as employment prospects are concerned, they are excellent both in Pakistan and abroad. There are project management jobs, programming related jobs, quality assurance related jobs and many more. Do your research before finalizing your decision to do this degree. These are just the common things that most students need to consider. You might have other concerns about the degree, but regardless, you need to make an informed decision. Good luck!

Gordon K. Morehouse