TEA Announces Free Access to Additional Mathematics Computer Program for Texas


Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) today announced that an additional K-5 math computer program will be made available to school systems as part of the Texas Home Learning 3.0 initiative (THL 3.0 ) of TEA. Like other THL 3.0 offerings, these teaching materials are optional and aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the state standards for grade-level knowledge and skills that students must possess.

“ST Math is an effective and engaging program that will help keep students on track, whether they are in the classroom or learning virtually,” Governor Abbott said. “The State of Texas will continue to expand the THL 3.0 program and ensure access to dynamic learning opportunities for students statewide. “

“We are delighted that ST Math’s adaptive online product for K-5 grades is being made available to all school systems and families in Texas at no cost to them. ST Math’s unique approach provides students with equitable access to learning through challenging puzzles, non-routine problem solving, and informative commentary, ”said Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath . “Each curriculum offer via THL 3.0 is dynamic and innovative; this new math teaching material will not only be fun for the kids, but will also help the lessons really stick.

ST Math is easy to implement; its additional nature allows plug and play in many existing math blocks. This is an engaging platform that allows students to take a penguin named “JiJi” through math challenges to develop conceptual understanding in math. Due to the conceptual nature of the program, it limits written language and develops a strong conceptual understanding of mathematics, which can help all students, especially English Learners (ELL). Starting today, all Texans – educators and families – can sign up for a new ST Math account at www.stmath.com/texas.

TEA has partnered with the MIND Research Institute, a nonprofit organization that created ST Math, to provide this latest set of high-quality resources. Prior to release, all THL 3.0 instructional materials go through a rigorous review that includes feedback from Texas teachers to confirm quality standards. Additional THL 3.0 teaching materials for other subjects and grade levels will continue to be announced over the coming weeks and months. Currently, over 100,000 students at 350 different schools in Texas are using this program.

No matter where the student engages in learning, ST Math has been shown to be effective in maintaining meaningful math learning for students. By design, its mastery-focused approach develops deep conceptual understanding at the student’s pace, making ST Math as powerful a learning tool outside of the classroom as it is inside.

“MIND is proud to partner with the Texas Education Agency to bring the patented ST Math approach to all educators, students and families in Texas,” said Brett Woudenberg, CEO of MIND Research Institute. “ST Math is an effective, high-quality blended learning experience that will help ensure that Texas students deeply understand and truly enjoy math, whether they are learning remotely at home or in the classroom.

THL 3.0 is a global initiative to support school systems, teachers, parents and students throughout the public health crisis and beyond with high quality educational materials, technological solutions and development resources professional.

TEA previously announced that it will offer a world-class Learning Management System (LMS) from PowerSchool’s Schoology to all school systems in Texas for two years at no cost. Almost 400 Texas school systems have already enrolled, and 200 more are currently working with the Schoology team.

Educators in Texas who have used the ST Math product commented on the effectiveness of the program for their students:

“ST Math offers students an engaging and innovative way to learn mathematical concepts. Building a strong foundation in elementary classes is essential and the scaffolding offered in ST Math will help students succeed, ”said Patti Sanchez, assistant superintendent of elementary education, Northside ISD, San Antonio.

“ST Math is the best program choice for us because it aligns with our district’s established priorities, is accessible to all students, and makes grade-level content a priority. Its accessibility to all students was a huge selling point for Crowley as barriers such as language, the ability to hear and / or fluency in English are non-existent, ”said Courtney Davis, Learning Coordinator mixed and MIZ, Crowley ISD.

“We use ST Math to help our students reach their maximum potential in math. ST Math’s unique approach allows students to develop problem-solving skills and deepen their conceptual understanding, while helping their new friend JiJi, ”said Mary Lankford, director of STEM Academy, Sinton ISD.

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