Software engineering trends to look for in 2021

ERBIS software engineering is a relevant property for many companies around the world, regardless of their niche differences. The practices have helped thousands of small and medium sized unicorn businesses increase their productivity. In different scenarios, this topic is always interesting for all parties involved, including startups.

It is always exciting to discuss the future of software engineering. We are only a few days after the first day of the new year. And there are a lot of interesting trends that we can see this year.

More and more companies will adopt cloud computing

To stay competitive, businesses accustomed to the local are starting to migrate to cloud computing, although they may do so gradually from year to year. Digital cloud computing services have dominated the e-market for the past five years.

The cloud-based service platform is available from many different brands and vendors. But most of them have similar offerings that make places easier through IT, database, service delivery, web services and many more. The good thing about software engineering is that relevant services from reputable vendors have become more affordable than before. It is no exaggeration to say that the same luck is also possible for small businesses.

Now, local businesses will have a huge chance to improve their digital presence with the help of the professional development team at ERBIS.

The trend towards containerization

Containerization has been a popular solution for most businesses with big data. This solution allows the app to run faster and more stable across devices. The availability of containerization has covered some popular operating systems such as Windows and Linux. In such a niche, ERBIS has also prepared the backbone of containerization. While there is still relatively new funding in cloud computing solutions, there is great potential that can be tapped by the business at all scales. And when it does, the uses of this technology will also be more common from time to time.

The dominance of the Python programming language

There are many programming languages ​​offered by software engineering companies like ERBIS. However, among these options, Python still ranks as the number one programming language in the world.

Experts have rated Python as the best because it offers the most efficient execution for data analysis, big data, machine learning, cloud computing, and more. Believe it or not, statistics have shown that the popularity of Python has overtaken other programming languages ​​except Java and C. By far, Java and C are still the most popular programming languages. But looking at the increase in uses of the Python programming language, it’s only a matter of time before Python becomes the number one programming language. Python enjoys such support from the community and experts. So, we will see tons of interesting news and updates on this programming language in 2021.

The greater implementation of Artificial Intelligence

A decade ago, AI was still theoretical in many industries. But now we can see that AI technology is improving every now and then.

More and more software engineering companies are participating in the advancement and development of AI. The year 2021 will be an interesting time for real AI. There will be many proven projects that will reach the levels of success that can be enjoyed by the public. Some experts even predicted that AI would be a normal thing by 2025. Now we can clearly see that reputable software engineering company ERBIS is taking the wheel right now. It doesn’t hurt to research more so that you can realize tons of benefits of AI for your business operations. In the long run, the application of AI can help reduce costs, improve productivity, improve product and service quality, increase the fluidity of operations, communications, etc.

The full speed of the Internet of Things

The IoT or Internet of Things is an important aspect of hardware and software engineering. This niche has been relevant for many organizations as of 2018.

For those unfamiliar with the principle of the Internet of Things, this is the technology that connects devices, machines, devices, and any other electronic device through the website. For example, you can control your drone even if you are in a different location.

The other common example is wireless video surveillance that connects to the Internet. With IoT technology, you will be able to supervise and monitor your home even when you are there.

Many industries have seen a lot of potential in the Internet of Things including healthcare, food chains, communications, construction, real estate, entertainment, and more.

Big Data Trend

According to statistics, Internet users generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. As the experts have confirmed, the number keeps increasing day by day. Imagine the amount of power it would take to process such large data.

Some scientists have even predicted that the Earth could disappear simply because humans use a lot of energy to process data.

This year will be the year of big data. Big Data solutions are wonderful.

The Blockchain will continue to surprise

Blockchain technology will continue to grow from time to time. We know the beginning of Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies on the market. The potential will be really relevant for the societies of the future.

decentralized digital data offers confidentiality and security to users of the means of payment. This decentralized system will indeed benefit many parties in different industries including healthcare, agriculture, logistics, real estate, entertainment, automotive, etc.

the potential offered by blockchain is almost limitless. In 2021, there will be a significant increase in blockchain investments. This is because the covid-19 pandemic has advanced a certain development agenda.

AR and VR

Virtual reality has been around for some time. Augmented reality, on the other hand, is still relatively new to some parties. But what’s going to be a significant trend in 2021 is MR or Mixed Reality. It can be defined as the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. Many companies have developed MR technology. It will be interesting to see what creations they launch by 2021.

Gordon K. Morehouse