Software Engineering Manager –


Kipsu is rooted in a simple but deep goal: to elevate service professionals at the center of the customer experience, transforming transactional interactions into fully developed relationships. As one of the leading technology companies in the Twin Cities, Kipsu has built a reputation for a strong corporate culture, providing exemplary service to its client partners and investing in the growth of their team members. Kipsu has been recognized by Star Tribune as one of the Best Small Business Workplaces for 2021. This role is crucial for the significant and sustainable growth and continued global expansion expected in the near future of Kipsu.


You will join and help form a team of complete engineers who value creativity, collaboration and technical curiosity. We put a lot of effort into our team culture and will appreciate your contribution to how we build and develop a healthy, productive and respectful environment of growth and challenge. You will be empowered to lead a team and maximize the results of a group of talented and committed software engineers.


  • Participate in strategic planning, whether for a part of the stack, a specific product or for a team’s workload.
  • Intentionally think about what makes an inclusive, positive and productive engineering culture and work as part of a leadership team within engineering to strengthen, reassess and improve the way we function as a team.
  • Lead standups and working group meetings, fostering an environment of critical reflection and constructive collaboration.
  • Provide regular review, advice and mentoring to team members, through individual programs, peers or other means.
  • Monitor metrics like code quality, productivity, and more. to make sure we meet our goals.
  • Identify gaps in development processes and support activities to improve them.
  • Provide regular updates to relevant stakeholders on a portfolio of work, such as a team or working group.
  • Manage projects effectively, fostering accountability through effective planning and monitoring throughout execution.


  • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer
  • 2+ years of experience in a leadership role.
  • In-depth understanding of the entire software development lifecycle / process and the role of engineering and non-engineering teams.
  • Ability to see the big picture beyond the engineering team, taking into account customer expectations, business goals and external pressures.
  • Ability to lead an engineering team and customer-facing teams to deliver critical new capabilities.
  • Strong technical and commercial communication skills.
  • Comfortable with delivering presentations internally and externally.
  • History of computer science, software engineering or engineering courses; demonstrated ability to analyze complex problems.
  • Have fun taking on challenges and helping others overcome obstacles to achieve your goals.
  • Ability to follow the progress of subordinate projects, estimate / forecast work efforts and meet deadlines.


  • We are a strong and stable company, and we enthusiastically embrace our founding startup spirit – everyone is involved and working for the same goals.
  • Our Culture – We have a team of highly motivated colleagues who are all in the same boat. We all succeed together and we all learn from our mistakes by holding our interdependence in high regard.
  • Our unique philosophy: We created this company ourselves and we are working on it for the long term. There is a distinct sense of purpose and ownership at Kipsu as we do things on our own terms.
  • Remarkable growth – with nearly a decade of advancement, we continue to accelerate. It is an exciting time to be here.


  • Unity– Everyone here is engaged in the same mission. Our core values ​​are not platitudes but our pact. We believe in the best of each other while always striving to be better.
  • Transparency– Our leadership goes into detail. We all come together for a weekly space to find out how each team is doing in order to have a full understanding of the business and to think like a CEO.
  • Confidence– Our team members are given the confidence and license to excel at their jobs and are supported throughout the process of continued growth.
  • Mentoring – We all have more to learn and something to teach. The lessons are beyond technique. We celebrate our busy hive of shared growth.
  • The respect– Our success and future as an industry leader depends on a concrete commitment to cultivating a diverse and fair team. Everyone here has a voice that is heard and respected. We are looking for an open and honest conversation on our way to be active stewards of our shared communities.
  • Goal– Everyone here is intimately linked to the result of their work. Every day, our team sees the impact of what they do on improving the value of our clients’ work in their own professions. Our goals are explicitly linked to our mission to build relationships.

One more thing – At Kipsu, we believe that our values, our success and our future as a leader in our industry require a dynamic and diverse workforce. This is one of the many challenges we seek to address, and we are intentional and active in recruiting talent of all identities and creating an environment that includes all walks of life. We need your contribution to our team. Consider rolling up your sleeves and joining us on our journey.


Gordon K. Morehouse