We are back with another interesting general knowledge quiz on software engineering. Continue reading!

1. What is software configuration management?

Answer: Software configuration management is the process of controlling and tracking changes that occur during the software development lifecycle. Configuration management ensures that all changes made during software development are controlled through a well-defined process.

2. Give 3 examples of project management tools?

Answer: Histograms, checklists and status reports

3. What is SDLC?

Answer: SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle, and it defines the step-by-step approach for software development.

4. How do I find the size of a software product?

Answer: It can be calculated by counting lines of code delivered or by counting function products delivered.

5. What are function points?

Answer: Function points are the functionality provided by the software product. It is considered the most important metric for software size.

6. What does the RAD software process model represent?

Answer: Rapid application development

7. Compliers, publishers’ software comes under what type of software?

Answer: System software

8. What is the simplest model of software development paradigm?

Answer: Waterfall model

9. What is the most important feature of the spiral model?

Answer: Risk management

10. What is software reengineering?

Answer: It is a software development process that aims to improve the maintainability of a software system.

11. In the software development process, what does debugging mean?

Answer: Debugging is the process that results in the removal of the error. This is an important part of passing tests.

12. What is modularization?

Answer: It is a technique used to divide a software system into different discrete modules. They are expected to perform tasks independently.

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