Software Development Team Leader at The Focus Group

An exciting opportunity exists for a software development team leader for the team that supports the various other operational functions within the organization.

You will be expected to lead, develop, develop and support a team of software developers to enable the team to deliver scalable, maintainable and technically sound solutions.

You will work closely with the engineering lead and customer domain product owner to ensure the team understands priorities and what they need to deliver.

The ideal candidate will have the following attributes:

  • You enjoy working with people and seeing them grow and succeed
  • You have experience in a leadership, coaching, mentoring and team development role, with a proven track record of delivering results to others
  • Experience working with agile methodologies – a true believer
  • You have at least 5 years of experience as a software developer
  • You take control and exercise leadership to drive change by initiating actions, giving direction and taking responsibility for delivering results
  • You know how to prioritize, plan and organize your day and can manage your time effectively
  • Teamwork comes naturally to you – it’s about fostering collaboration and teamwork to achieve results
  • Adept at problem solving, especially in leading individuals and teams to be the best version of themselves
  • Creative and critical thinking skills

Duties and Responsibilities (includes but not limited to):

  • Build and maintain a high performing development team
  • Support and develop the career of team members
  • Lead agile processes within the team
  • Provide technical advice to team members
  • Liaise with the Product Owner regarding team priorities
  • Deploy
  • Ensure the overall quality of development and delivery
  • Remove obstacles and interruptions to help the team perform
  • Ensures that security is an integral part of solutions
  • Present actionable insights for strategic technology decisions
  • Stay up to date with industry trends and standards
  • Ensure a good understanding and knowledge of agile programming practices and industry standards. XP, TDD, pair programming, SOLID etc.
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders regarding project development and delivery
  • Perform general management functions to ensure the smooth running of the development team
  • Provide the team with clear performance standards
  • Monitor staff compliance with HR policies and procedures
  • Recruit and promote staff in accordance with HR policies and procedures
  • Effectively motivate and identify ways to grow the development team

Minimum requirements:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent (Essential)
  • Formal qualification in programming (Preferred)
  • +2 years in a leadership role (Essential)
  • +5 years of experience as a software developer (Essential)
  • Experience as a PHP developer (Essential)
  • Experience as a .Net developer (Essential)
  • Experience in system architecture, development, testing and deployment (Essential)
  • Knowledge of project management principles
  • Knowledge of software development methodologies
  • Knowledge of caching, version control, message queues, issue tracking, monitoring, database transactions, and testing methodologies

Additional skills:

  • Multitasking skills
  • IT skills
  • Time management skills
  • Organizational and administrative skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical skills
  • Work in a structured delivery environment and in accordance with best practices and standards

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