Software development leaders focus on automation to save time – software testing news

Leaders in software development are turning to automation to increase capacity and save time.

Indeed, 46% of software developers believe that automation within their organization is a top priority. A Tempo study found that executives should use automation to eliminate mundane tasks that waste developers’ time, such as tasks that don’t add value, as well as stop using legacy processes that waste developer time. do not reflect today’s technological landscape.

In addition, software development managers are looking to increase their capabilities through automation and find the right talent to perform the necessary tasks. They should also focus on a clear vision of how the time and effort is being invested.

Many organizations said they are already increasing development and engineering work with automation tools to speed up decision making. Still, many haven’t fully extended the way time is tracked. Indeed, 34% of software developers still track time manually with spreadsheets, with the remaining two-thirds using tools developed in-house or time-tracking software they’ve purchased.

Therefore, an automated approach to time tracking is needed to save time in processes. To do this, organizations need to have a good understanding of how time is spent so that they can adapt and optimize it.

Gordon K. Morehouse