Software Development, Dell’s Most In-Demand Python Skills


Although it started out as a PC company, Dell has aggressively moved over the past few years towards cloud computing, architecture at scale and storage. As part of this transition, the company has concluded very large commercial transactions (notably the acquisition of EMC in 2015) and has gone private, which makes it much more difficult to see what is going on internally and to determine what the company wants when it comes to tech talent.

Fortunately, we have Emsi Burning Glass, who collects and analyzes millions of job postings across the country, many of which are published by Dell. While this database isn’t a fully comprehensive view of hiring Dell, it does give us a snapshot of the top skills leaders are looking for in the company. Take a look at the data from the last 90 days:

And what does Dell want? Technologists who have mastered the basics of software development, to begin with. Like many companies, she also wants technologists who know the Python, one of the world’s most popular programming languages ​​and clearly an important part of Dell applications and systems. Kubernetes and Ansible, two essential tools for containers and automation (and DevOps) made the list, as did PaaS, suggesting that Dell is very interested in technologists capable of unraveling complex systems that at least partially exist in the world. cloud.

If you land a software engineer job with Dell, you can unlock considerable compensation. According to, which collects compensation data, those working at Dell can rack up six-figure payouts after you factor in salary, bonuses, and stocks. Dell may not operate with the same dynamism as some publicly traded tech giants, but it is nonetheless willing to pay matched salaries in order to lock in the talent it needs.


Gordon K. Morehouse