SmartLogic Prepares New Class of Software Development Apprentices for Full-Time Roles


Baltimore Software Agency SmartLogic helps professionals make the transition to technology this fall.

The company’s 14-week learning program launched a new class this month. It aims to put the three apprentices on the path to a full-time position as full-stack developers.

This year’s apprentices are:

  • Rachel Kahtan, from Baltimore, entered technology after a career in law and public relations.
  • Bilal Hankins, from New Orleans, is transitioning from a career in fashion production.
  • Joseph Arias, from Bristow, Virignia, is a recent graduate of Old Dominion University.

They were selected from over 250 applicants to the program. He offers applicable software development experience, as well as the potential opportunity to join the full-time SmartLogic team upon completion.

The paid program combines technical and people-oriented training. During the 14 weeks, SmartLogic will provide guidance in programming languages ​​such as Elixir, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS and Beat. The apprentices will also be supervised by SmartLogic technologists Anna Dorigo, Joël Meador, and Alex House.

In creating the program, SmartLogic sought to provide a pathway for professionals from groups under-represented in technology. The team recognized that there were not enough opportunities to gain experience between an education program and a job.

“The emphasis is on bootcamps and there are many four-year degree programs at colleges and universities. What is clearly missing is the gap between bootcamps and the professional software development experience in the real world, ”said Yair Flicker, president of SmartLogic, in a statement.

Flicker said he believes other software companies could easily adopt a similar program. Software stores are increasingly looking to attract new people into technology, in addition to hiring from the existing workforce. A strategy long used in the building trades, apprenticeship is adopted to support technology professionals, who also benefit from learning by doing.

This is the second iteration of the program for SmartLogic. In 2018, two of the three apprentices held positions at SmartLogic, while another worked for the Baltimore digital services company. Intrepid. Fast forward to 2021, and one of the apprentices moved on to work for Tibit, which is another software company from Maryland, while the other two are still at SmartLogic and Fearless.

The continued success of the program’s inaugural members, whether at their home companies or beyond, reinforces the program’s value as a launch pad for software development.

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