Sibedge, a Software Engineering Company, Adds AI-Powered Virtual Agents, Prebuilt Skills, and Templates to its Implementation Portfolio

Sibedge’s expertise takes the enterprise conversational experience to a new level, for employees and customers.

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June 24, 2022

CUPERTINO, Calif., June 24, 2022 ( –
Sibedge, a globally distributed software engineering company, today announced the enhancement of its agile software development department with prebuilt skills and templates to create conversational experiences for fast, easy, and scalable service automation. and customer support.

Sibedge translates its custom software development expertise and capabilities into a platform that helps businesses build virtual assistant solutions and truly conversational experiences in months. His Agile software development service now comes with customer-facing workflow automation templates designed to power purpose-built, domain-trained virtual assistants.

Through the major stages of design, development, testing and deployment, Sibedge helps build virtual assistants capable of handling all types of queries. Solutions can include search tools for knowledge databases, IT help desk manuals, built-in customer authorization systems and workspaces to manage conversations, and more. The real-time statistics it collects provide insights to customer service agents and share the data with virtual assistant support.

“When companies start considering maintenance and support services for their FinTech products and solutions, they may come up with an idea of ​​a virtual assistant. Here they need to consider three aspects that will inevitably occur: the deployment of the infrastructure, creating automation scenarios and markup data collection of examples to train their neural network The number of scenarios depends on the complexity of the business processes If the domain niche is complicated, customers will also need to collecting many examples and experiences and teaching them to their systems using ML / DP Engineers. This can be time consuming and expensive. We take note of these challenges and provide our customers with our custom software development expertise, backed by an AI-powered platform for smooth, seamless implementation and robust conversations. Seva Morotsky, CTO at Sibedge.

“We don’t aim to develop a precise long-term roadmap, but rather to work with agility and focus where customers need help with their digital customer experience. An average project lasts until to three to four weeks. We deliver the solutions quickly and cost-effectively right through to implementation with the client.” — Ivan Yurchenko, project manager at Sibedge.


Sibedge is a globally distributed software engineering company that puts people first. For more than 15 years, we have successfully implemented more than 350 projects in more than 27 countries. With headquarters in Australia and teams of highly skilled engineers around the world, Sibedge provides high value-added services to enable clients’ digital transformation and empower clients’ software solutions. Sibedge’s service architecture combines both product- and project-oriented development disciplines. The service architecture offers five services that are based on an agile partnership. Sibedge brings together the expertise of more than 200 professionals in more than 6 locations in Australia, the United States, Armenia and Turkey.

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