Rest Easy, George RR Martin, a computer program wrote the winds of winter for you


Image: HBO

Image: HBO

Looks like George RR Martin can take a break. An engineer set up a neural network using all of the books in the A song of ice and fire series to write part of the next episode, The Winds of Winter. It might not make a whole lot of sense – or any sense, really – but damn it, all that fake killing of Sansa and Arya either.

Full-stack software engineer Zack Thoutt created a recurrent neural network for writing The Winds of Winter, based on words, phrases, and characters from the rest of the series. Thoutt said Motherboard it is a “long-term memory” network, which means that it remembers information stored in text, such as the deaths of characters. This is not entirely correct, however, as according to the new book, Ned and Lord Mormont have returned from the grave.

In order to accomplish a feat that even Martin himself has yet to pull off, Thoutt uploaded the first five books in the series to the network (nearly 5,400 pages) so he could spit out the latest twists. , turns and deaths in the iconic series. Here is a small excerpt from chapter one, narrated by Tyrion:

The Dog found Jeyne Poole. Ser Meryn Trant had sent King Yoren across the harbor, to summon the black brothers who had coated his horned veins. The fools he had married with him were all born again. “Why, I know? He was bleeding, covering his entire legs on the shoulders with snow. He will stay on deck for the fish for a fortnight, and never kill one. A blade is gone, yes, she thought, but he couldn’t take much food.

He couldn’t help it in the first rush. Ghost passed by a camp when Asha was hunting while on night duty. Now the torches under them and the rose in his head or we brought them out of the world. He’s stubborn and stupid, but his advice never saved my brother like most. “There must be five choices,” he said.

It is an effort. My uncle had made the same color. She could hardly count by death.

This allowed Ned to better stop until the fire fell, standing under the arch of a still distant broken field where the shadow tower paid camp behind. The older brother had known no sun and pieces of broken buildings and cities weeping with ashes; four hundred thousand crows, his own torsos. Behind them wore their black capes like their own yellow fish heroes bearing a crudely heeled figurehead, a slashed black trout on a huge breast, with colors crossed inside and out of their heads. Lords, nuts and mussels, coats of the shore, several hundred horsemen under honey wine and at the foot of the five captured Southern kings are seated and fewer are heading towards the kingslayer. It will not come back to the ford yet, with its first black band above it.

“Only a hundred men from the North will stay with them. They will teach you about Lord Rickard’s brother, Joffrey. Tell me the truth, Cersei is famous. No one is wasting your interest, you remember that. Dead steel and sour cat and twice too.

There are five chapters so far, and they’re all crazy. According to the neural network, Varys will poison Daenerys, Asha will start hunting the Night Watch and Arya’s last weapon of choice is her boot. But hey, that actually predicts a few things that fans also expect to happen in the final season of Game Of Thrones, mainly that Jon Snow will ride a dragon and Jaime Lannister will kill his twin sister Cersei. However, this all pales in comparison to the best part: The Winds of Winter has a new character!

Greenbeard was waiting by the doors, big blind bearded knob with his fallen body scratched his finger from a white apple ring. It was half-buried mad on the honey of a dried brain, two rangers, a heavy frey.

“Six men wanted to kill a Stark, that gray of the three.”

According to the neural network, the latest addition to Westeros will be a man called Greenbeard, and all I want is all about this character’s epic story. I’d like to imagine he’s a psychic sent by the Children of the Forest to help Jon Snow fight the Night King, and he colored his facial hair green because he takes his role way too seriously.

You can read the rest of the stories here, presumably while waiting for Martin to catch up with him. Ten dollars says we’ll all have green beards by then.



Gordon K. Morehouse