ReshaMandi acquires software development company Hashtaag

ReshaMandi, a digital ecosystem for the natural fabrics supply chain spanning from farm to retail, has entered into an acquisition agreement with Hashtaag to gain access to the latter’s tech talent pool.

Hashtaag is a custom software development company providing services to innovate products to enhance business growth. Since May 2020, ReshaMandi has been connecting multiple stakeholders across the spectrum with relevant inputs, technologies, and markets to support its vertical that helps chawki breeders and farmers.

Hashtaag’s expertise in application development in addition to Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps and network security solutions will enhance the processes put in place to digitize the natural fiber supply chain.

Saurabh Agarwal, Founder and CTO, ReshaMandi, said, “Technology is a driver for us here at ReshaMandi and this acquisition of HashTaag continues to cement that. After seeing the work that Vishveshwar Patil, JPA Suresh and the team have done over the past few years, I am confident that they will strengthen our technology stack in terms of research, agricultural IoT and agribusiness, impacting the lives of our bottom of the pyramid stakeholders in a meaningful way.

“Hashtaag will power several critical systems like the IoT breeding shed, helping ReshaMandi to support several farmers and chawki breeding centers. Hashtaag’s talent pool will realize Reshamandi’s vision to create a data pipeline for all IoT data from platforms such as Rearing-Shed and Fasal. Going forward, this platform will power AI/ML-based real-time streaming analytics,” added Shiv Khillar, VP of Engineering at Reshamandi.

Visheshwar patil, CEO and JPA Suresh, CTO at Hashtaag, said, “We look forward to working closely with ReshamMandi, a dynamic and ambitious startup that has had a huge impact on the natural fiber supply chain. Our assortment of technologies is designed to prioritize customer growth in the capable hands of expert talent. »

Published on

March 15, 2022

Gordon K. Morehouse