Recompile is a game where you are a 3D computer program trying not to die


Technology is advancing rapidly, but luckily we don’t yet live in dystopian cyberpunk worlds or simulations like the Matrix (I think). However, you can immerse yourself in what life might be like as an actual computer program in the upcoming game. Recompile.

This isn’t the first game to try to humanize imaginary virtual worlds where computer programs or AI are portrayed as space beings. Other games have tried this over the years, such as in Mass Effect where you interact with the Geth within their networks and have to physically reach memories, nodes and other points of interest.

Out of nostalgia, I also point out that Recompile reminds me of that old TV show called To restart in the 90s in the sense that you’re kind of an individual trying to do it in the big mainframe. This game seems to follow a similar idea, although it’s a bit darker and more gameplay and survival focused than anything else.

Virtual vibrations

According to the developers, Recompile is a Metroidvania game. We can see a mix of platforming, shooting, puzzle solving, and adventure in its release date trailer. It sounds like a good mix of elements to keep things fresh, provided the mechanics are implemented satisfactorily. The world itself looks beautiful and inspiring, right down to the old-fashioned computer sound effects.

The boss of the giant spider virus clearly stands out. It will be interesting to see how we handle this thing. You’ll also get help along the way from a presumably nice AI companion. Your ultimate goal will be to restore security and normalcy to the world (also known as the Mainframe). If this title sounds interesting to you, you can check it out as early as next month. The planned release date for Recompile is August 19. The game will be available through Steam.


Gordon K. Morehouse