Protect Your Career and Business for the Future: Galvanize Launches Part-Time Software Engineering Professional Development Courses

DENVER – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – A report from early 2020 found that 87% of employers already knew a skills gap, or expected to do so in the next few years, especially in software engineering fields. Additionally, there is a noticeable absence of mentorship in the computer programming industry for those looking for ways to develop their careers. So, the average software developer needs to self-mentor to become better craftspeople and guide their own career development.

To meet these demands, Galvanize, a leader in developing talent and capacity for individuals and businesses in technical fields such as software engineering and data science, today presents another solution: ten courses of Part-time Professional Development Hack Reactor for experienced individuals looking to advance their careers.

While there are many educational opportunities for software developers in the market, including one-off courses and subscriptions to specific topics to online graduate degrees, Galvanize’s new courses meet a need for development. educational opportunities for professional software developers geared towards career growth.

“Building on our reputation for consistently delivering high quality educational experiences, we look forward to providing the training and mentoring that will allow people to continue to build their careers,” said Harsh Patel, CEO of Galvanize. “These courses are a natural next step towards achieving our ultimate goal of making skills development and career advancement affordable and accessible to all.”

The courses – including DevOps, data visualization, software design, and databases – are designed to help bootcamp graduates and those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or related experience in computer science. field to learn new skills without having to press pause in their career and re-enroll in a traditional curriculum.

Galvanize’s new courses seamlessly blend computer theory, hands-on programming practices, and the skills to lead and influence design discussions. These short, comprehensive and affordable courses are an effective way to improve your skills.

“These courses are ideal for developers who want to learn more,” said Curtis Schlak, vice president of professional development and former senior instructor for enterprise learning at Hack Reactor. “After years of training new developers and working with senior developers around the world, we wanted to design a learning path for those struggling to become better coders and looking to learn from trusted sources.”

Classes include three hours per week of instructor-led live session with additional learning and focused projects outside of class. Students will learn from experienced instructors and work with their classmates in face-to-face online courses. Offers include:

  • Microservices + Orchestration

  • Algorithms + Data structures

  • Methodologies + Collection of needs

  • DevOps + Tests

  • Up management + Data visualization

  • Compilers + script engines

  • IT architecture + IoT

  • Networking + Responsive programming

  • Software design + Color modeling

  • Databases + O[RD]Mrs

The first class will start on November 2. To learn more, please visit

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