Postdoctoral Fellow: Machine Learning and Software Engineering – Vail Systems, Inc.

Postdoctoral fellow: Machine learning and software engineering

Vail Systems is seeking a postdoctoral candidate in Machine Learning and Software Engineering familiar with natural language vision and processing (NLP). The machine learning and software engineering postdoctoral candidate will be expected to develop and deploy machine learning techniques at scale across a range of Vail industries. The candidate will conduct research at the intersection of machine learning and software engineering, including machine learning operations (MLOps) and software-intensive systems in industrial environments.

The ideal candidate will have knowledge of machine learning systems, machine learning pipelines, deep learning methods, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, software development, best practices research and writing technical papers to contribute to the growing body of research published by Vail’s Research. on AI in the Linguistics and Systems team (RAILS). The candidate will also mentor the RAILS PhD summer data science interns and work in conjunction with the RAILS team to publish postdoctoral work in leading conferences and journals.

What you will do:

  • Identify machine learning algorithms that help solve critical challenges in developing software-intensive systems.
  • Machine learning-based analysis of programs and applications.
  • Automated software vulnerability analysis and testing using learning methods.
  • Machine Learning Operations (MLOps): Issues of deploying and maintaining machine learning systems in production reliably and efficiently. Considerations include scalable machine learning pipelines, concept drift, model and data version management, model and data validation, monitoring, and integration with visualization systems.
  • Software Engineering Defect Analysis: Explore AI / ML techniques to facilitate automated test case design, test case prioritization, and oracle creation for mobile apps and web services to automatically generate test cases.
  • Proficiency in social network analysis to characterize collaboration between software development teams.
  • Use machine learning to predict software defects and costs, and increase software quality and reliability.

Minimum diploma:

  • A doctorate degree obtained in computer science with an emphasis on machine learning and software engineering, or current enrollment in a relevant full-time study program at an accredited university / college with the intention of graduating from here the beginning of the postdoctoral fellowship.
  • Experienced Python or R developer.
  • Passion for leveraging expertise from IT and / or other technical fields to solve real world challenges through machine learning and software engineering applications.
  • Experience working collaboratively in a highly technical environment.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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