Port Houston terminals to reopen after computer system failure

Photo by Rebecca Carballo

Port Houston reopened its Barbours Cut and Bayport terminals on Thursday after a two-day shutdown caused by a computer hardware failure.

Melissa Phillip, Houston Staff / Chronicle

The Bayport and Barbours Cut container terminals reopen today at 3 p.m. Thursday to truck traffic after being closed since Tuesday.

The Port halted operations on both terminals after the hardware failure. Executive Director Roger Guenther stressed in a letter that this was not a cyber attack, but rather a “major failure of storage devices”.

Port Houston is one of the busiest ports in the country. Last year, the Houston Ship Channel was ranked by the US Army Corps of Engineers as the busiest waterway in terms of tonnage. At the Barbours Cut and Bayport terminals, containers are unloaded from ships onto trucks and vice versa. Together, the two terminals average almost 11,000 truck transactions per day.

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