Path to a career in software engineering

Image credits: American University of Nigeria

Just as computer hardware is just plastic, silicon, and metal without software, so the computer world is incomplete without software engineering. Software engineering combines programming with business and management. It is used in different domains such as internet, mobile devices and desktop computers.


This scientific and technical field requires special training and formal diplomas. A student can start by opting for the science stream in their junior college.


Followed by a good percentage in the science stream, the student must choose a four-year bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. The baccalaureate will introduce him to a broader program, one that provides a foundation in mathematics and computer science.

Nowadays, short-term degree courses are also available to help students complete their minimum studies in less time. Two of them are – a two-year associate degree and an 8-12 week Coding Bootcamp. Although employers generally prefer applicants with a four-year degree, both of these courses can open the door to similar entry-level jobs in the field. Students will have the choice of pursuing majors in several related fields, such as software engineering technology or software systems engineering.


To get more professional opportunities, a student would be required to do a two-year master’s degree in software engineering. Master’s degrees are usually designed with full-time working students in mind. In addition to providing additional knowledge in the field of software engineering, the degree also provides training in management and leadership.

Some enthusiastic students may pursue doctoral programs in software engineering. This is a four-year program that focuses solely on real-time research, robotics, and software security. Also, the Ph.D. will be useful when you plan to become a professor in colleges or universities.

Top 5 Universities in India That Offer Software Engineering Degree –

1. Indian Institute of Technology

2. National Institute of Technology

3. Manipal Institute of Technology

4.BIT Mesra


Top 5 Universities Abroad That Offer Software Engineering Degree –

1. University of Oxford

2. ETH Zürich

3. Stanford University

4. University of Cambridge

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, graduates are open to work in several fields such as the creation of video games, the development of Internet applications, the operation of computer networks or the implementation of computer security measures for an organization. Students can also develop their industry specific skills such as Java, XML or SQL and soft skills such as creative thinking and problem solving. C++ certification will be another skill added to the list.


The scope of software engineering extends to almost every field on the list. But certain factors such as the rise of information technology, the emergence of mobile phones as well as social media and the need for technological solutions for the markets lead to an increasing need for software engineers.

Many financial services agencies are aiming to provide their clients with more efficient technology-driven services, while healthcare organizations are looking for better software solutions to improve patient care. Other markets are also emerging and creating employment opportunities that offer a high salary for software engineering.

Some examples of software engineering professions are: Business Information Analyst, Web Developer, Help Desk, Computer Systems Analysts, Information Security Analyst, Database Administrator, Application Developer mobiles and QA developer.

Gordon K. Morehouse