October 2021 E-News – Collaborative Software Engineering Research, XPRIZE Finals, NSF Grant for Computer Vision

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October 2021

Collaborative software engineering research led to a best paper award for student Sam Cheng, assisted by instructors Darko Marinov, Lingming Zhang and Tianyin Xu

Software engineering researchers share their expertise to deliver excellence

The ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award from doctoral student Sam Cheng is an example of what Professor Darko Marinov considers to be the true strength of software engineering research at Illinois CS: a spirit of collaboration that strengthens the progress of the project. “(The) combination of practical and intellectually stimulating work done here in a consistent manner proves academic relevance,” Marinov said. “Nothing helps this process more than having faculty members right next to me who serve as experts in related fields. Their willingness to share in a spirit of collaboration advances our work. ” Read more →

Kris Hauser, Illinois Computer Science Professor

Hauser and Team AVATRINA Win Finalist Position in ANA’s $ 10 Million Avatar XPRIZE Contest

A three-year effort, led by Illinois computer science professor Kris Hauser and his team, saw their Telerobotic Intelligent Nurse Assistant (TRINA) advance to the fall 2022 finals of the ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition after have competed alongside 36 semi-finalists. Learn more →

Illinois computer science teachers David Forsyth and Yuxiong Wang

NSF funds research into computer vision tactics that aspire to accelerate AI development and democratize new solutions

The computer vision expertise of Professors David A. Forsyth, Yuxiong Wang, and Alexander Schwing could narrow the gap between human intelligence and artificial intelligence, while reducing reliance on labeled data. Learn more →

Elahe Soltanaghai, computer science teacher from Illinois

Soltanaghai is ready to strengthen recognition of N2Women’s rising stars

Illinois CS freshman Elahe Soltanaghai believes this honor is the perfect inspiration to further develop her approach to research and education focused on wireless networks and embedded systems. She also looks forward to passing on the lessons learned in this area to her new students here. Learn more →

Illinois computer science teacher Klara Nahrstedt

Nahrstedt to get rid of zoom fatigue with augmented reality system for virtual meetings

As part of a new National Science Foundation grant, Illinois computer science professor Klara Nahrstedt will lead a timely effort to create a next-generation, mixed-reality, immersive meeting environment that offers attendees a living experience. Learn more →

Jasneet Thukral and Shagun Varma, CS students from Illinois

Center for student co-directors Reflections | 2021 projections around “Tech for Good”

Jasneet Thukral and Shagun Varma both addressed their role as co-director of this year’s event focused on turning personal motivation into a powerful theme. Their efforts have gone into creating an event based on what unique power technology can have for good. Learn more →

CIPC team

Illinois wins first-ever medal at world finals of international college programming competition

Held in Moscow in October, the final brought together more than 100 student teams from around the world. The Illinois ‘Must Pass’ team – including students Yen-Hsiang Chang, Zihan Wang and Zhuolin Yang – took 11th place and a bronze medal. Learn more →

Illinois computer science teachers Josep Torrellas and Chris Fletcher

Torrellas and Fletcher Begin Studying Multi-Domain Processors as Cloud Computing Changes the Architectural Environment

A new giveaway continues professors’ long-term working relationship with Intel that produces productive research through real problems as the company continues to innovate.
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Illinois computer science teacher Gagandeep Singh

Breakthroughs in Automated Formal Reasoning Lead to Prestigious Gagandeep Singh Thesis Prize

A freshman computer science professor from Illinois describes the process for earning the John C. Reynolds Doctoral Thesis Prize – the most prestigious award a doctoral student in their field of research can win. Learn more →

Illinois computer science teacher Tarek Abdelzaher

Smartphone motion sensors could be used to eavesdrop on your phone conversations

Follow this: A relatively simple device in your smartphone that counts steps, among other things, also has the ability to be used as a listening device, according to research by Illinois computer science professor Tarek Abdelzaher. Learn more →

IT and Philosophy have more in common than you might think
Carl Gunter, a professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign who studies security and privacy issues in technology, often sees the intersection between technology and philosophical issues. “One of the themes that we see all the time with the internet is how much it should be regulated… How much do we need to get involved in regulation to try to control the potential harm while preserving the potential benefits of the internet. things ? Gunter said. Integrated →

IBM and the user interface: “A new model of business-university partnership”
The IBM-Illinois Discovery Accelerator Institute – backed by a combined 10-year $ 200 million investment from UI, IBM and the State of Illinois – has started work on more than two dozen projects within the Grainger College of Engineering. In the long run, (Dean Rashid) Bashir hopes to see the institute’s findings spill over into everyday life, just as the ILLIAC I computer user interface and MOSAIC web browser technologies pioneered. of the last century.
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‘War of Armed Influence’: US Spends Millions Tracking Foreign Tweets and Memes
The University of Illinois received $ 5.8 million in funding from DARPA’s INCAS program. Researchers from Illinois and the University of Southern California will develop ways to sort an audience by psychographic attributes. “People create divisive stories,” said Tarek Abdelzaher, a U of I professor working with DARPA. “They are meant to polarize, radicalize, whatever … but we don’t understand the impact of this weapon on the population the same way we understand the impact of a bomb or a thunderbolt. ” The Washington Times →

What is public benefit technology? This foundation leader explains what it means for DC
For public benefit technology promoter Vilas Dhar (BS CS ’04), using technology to help drive social change will require more than a shift in priorities. It’s a shifting power dynamic. Technically →

Luna Display can now turn your iPad into a second display for Windows devices
Astropad first launched Luna Display in 2017, about two years before Apple “sherlocked” it with the Sidecar feature added to macOS Catalina. Soon after, the company updated Luna Display to work wirelessly between Macs in response to Apple’s decision. “Apple zig, we zag,” tweeted at the time Astropad CEO Matt Ronge (BS CS ’08).
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Op-ed: Should travelers feel safer when TSA finds more guns at airport checkpoints?
The Transportation Security Administration announced that it found more firearms in carry-on baggage at airport security checkpoints in the first nine months of 2021 than it found in n any full year in the past two decades. The detection rate was more than twice the rate in 2019, and even higher than the rate in 2020, when air travel was significantly depressed due to COVID-19, writes Illinois CS professor Sheldon H. Jacobson .
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Courses and certifications for Master Cloud Computing in 2021
Cloud Computing Concepts: Offered by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the Cloud Computing Concepts course on Coursera is taught by Indranil Gupta, professor in the Department of Computer Science. This is the first course in the entire specialization module and lasts approximately 23 hours.
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Illinois Computer Science Lecture Series
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The Illinois Computer Science Lecture Series brings together leading leaders and experts on campus to share their ideas and promote conversations about important challenges and topics in the discipline. Join us online: discussions are virtual this year! Show calendar →

Female student at graduation ceremony

Convocation of the Grainger College of Engineering
December 18, 2021 at 10 a.m.
We are planning an in-person ceremony in December. Please note that the COVID-19 situation remains fluid and plans may change in the interest of public health.
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