Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning awards contract for software development

Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) has awarded NOK 123 million ($13.6 million) over a 12-year contract to the international consortium, ICCircle, for the design, development and maintenance of a bespoke integrated software system for support nuclear decommissioning and waste management.

NND, an agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, is responsible for the decommissioning of research reactors and other related nuclear infrastructure in Norway. The NND is also responsible for the safe handling, storage and disposal of nuclear waste.

This contract marks a significant step for NND, moving from the planning phase to the implementation phase of its data-driven nuclear decommissioning process for the Halden and Kjeller sites. The multi-year project will result in an information and data management system designed to provide the information and oversight NND needs to ensure safety and efficiency during its process of nuclear decommissioning and waste management of key sites, which will be spread over at least 20 years.

Pål Mikkelsen, Director of NND, said: “NND undertook the strategic planning process for the decommissioning and during this phase it was clear that data and information governance would be essential to successfully achieve the objectives. of our project. We need a system designed to solve the unique challenges of our sites and fit exactly with our decommissioning and waste management processes. The ICCircle Consortium presented not only a well-designed system with a proven track record that provides holistic support for our processes, but also the collective technical skills and industry expertise to adapt and inform our solution during the build phase. Implementation.

ICCircle is an international alliance of three specialized companies: Ingecid, Createc and Catenda, established as a legal entity in Norway.

Ingecid, based in Spain, is a specialized engineering company that focuses on nuclear engineering, software development, design and BIM, project and process management and structural engineering.

Createc, based in the UK, is a technical consultancy and research and development company specializing in applied computer vision, robotics, nuclear measurement and optics.

Catenda is a Norwegian company building a modern, lifecycle-based common data environment for AECO industry data to be sustainability driven

Javier Alonso, spokesperson for ICCircle, said the contract marked the start of a long-standing partnership with NND. “We immediately identified with NND’s ambitions to place data and information management at the heart of their new nuclear decommissioning and waste management process. Together, the three ICCircle organizations have extensive experience in the nuclear industry, BIM and software systems development. We believe it is an honor to be part of such a forward-thinking project where our innovative solutions can be applied to improve both safety and efficiency.

NND will begin its implementation phase at the Halden and Kjeller sites from March 2022. The two Norwegian research reactors – the Nuclear Fuel and Materials Testing Reactor at Halden and the JEEP Neutron Scattering Facility -II in Kjeller – were declared permanently arrested in June 2018 and April 2019, respectively.

Although the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) is currently responsible as the licensee and owner of nuclear facilities, the IFE and the NND work closely together to manage cleanup after nuclear activities. The Norwegian state plans to transfer IFE’s nuclear facilities and associated personnel to NND, with a target date of January 1, 2024. NND will simultaneously become the operator of the facilities.

Photo: The JEEP II research reactor at Kjeller (Credit: IFE)

Gordon K. Morehouse