Northwestern Launches New Software Engineering Major


Northwestern College will begin offering a software engineering major next fall.

The new major is designed to prepare students for careers in engineering and software development, database administration, and web and mobile application development. The program will focus on how software is developed in the industry.

“We are delighted to provide students with a program that addresses modern, cutting-edge technologies and gives them experience working on projects in a real-world setting,” said Dr. Mike Wallinga, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Department Head. . “We have employed a number of software engineering graduates, including for Google and Microsoft, but this program will provide better preparation, bridging the skills gap between what academics produce and what industry wants: ability to design, test, validate, calibrate and work with teams.

The new major is based on standards recommended by the Association for Computing Machinery. It will include compulsory courses in areas such as web development, data management systems, software engineering principles, cybersecurity, management, and computing. There will be many additional courses available, including data structures, networking, concurrency and parallelism, as well as data mining and machine learning.

Students will learn to write code in a variety of programming languages ​​and develop efficient algorithms to solve problems. Additionally, students will study best practices in project management, design, testing, documentation, verification, and quality assurance. Large-scale projects and teamwork are integrated throughout the program to provide hands-on experiences simulating real-world practices.

The software engineering major will join a computer science major, designed to prepare students for graduate or research-oriented industry positions, as well as a minor in computer programming and a career focus in computer science.

Northwestern’s computer science program can lead to careers in analytics, database management, game design, network administration, programming, software engineering, web development, research or more. Our graduates enjoy 100% placement rates, primarily in high paying jobs at companies such as Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Lockheed Martin. They are sought after because of their knowledge of theory, practical experience in real-world contexts, and the values ​​and critical thinking skills that make them exemplary employees.


Gordon K. Morehouse