NKU Launches New Degree in Applied Software Engineering


Northern Kentucky University has announced the launch of a new applied software engineering degree at its college of computer science.

In a press release, the university called it one of the few such degrees in the country, providing the region with talented graduates in server-side, mobile, and web application development.

The core of the program includes software security, user experience design, technical writing, and ethics.

“Software engineering is an extremely important skill set at 84.51 °, Kroger Co., and so many other large companies in the Cincinnati area,” said Milen Mahadevan, president of 84.51 °. “With the introduction of a degree in Applied Software Engineering, the NKU College of Informatics continues to stay in touch with the needs of the industry by focusing on software architecture and expanding the offerings of their computer science programs. . This will further develop the talent pipeline in Cincinnati with graduated and skilled technologists in this highly sought after field. “

With computer information technology and computing already being the second and third most enrolled majors at NKU, the new major provides the opportunity for career changers who wish to focus on improving practical skills in a field. in high demand, according to a press release.

NKU’s traditional BS in Computer Science rigorously focuses on the fundamentals of computer science and ends with a comprehensive year in Software Engineering. In contrast, the new applied software engineering degree will have a more practical focus throughout.

It introduces students to real-world best practices and provides the skills to create robust user experiences across multiple platforms.

“Even though most universities offer software engineering courses, very few have a full curriculum dedicated to the discipline,” said Dr. Nicholas Caporusso, assistant professor of computer science and co-director of the applied software engineering program. “The unique aspect of what we offer at NKU is that the courses are specifically designed to incorporate experiential learning practices to help students develop their digital fluency. This allows them to apply their knowledge to real world scenarios while creating a portfolio. “

-Staff report

The Computer Science Department at the College of Informatics is home to seven degree programs, including one of the nation’s premier data science programs. All aim to produce highly problem-solving, intellectually agile, technically skilled and ethically responsible graduates.


Gordon K. Morehouse