New Haven Students: $10,000 Software Engineering Program Scholarships

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut— AED, a Connecticut nonprofit that democratizes access to 21st century digital career and life skills for underrepresented youth, announced that 20 full scholarships of $10,600 are available for their engineering program 12-month immersive software in New Haven. Scholarship applications are accepted until October 1st.

Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, DAE’s Skills Academy is designed to rapidly increase proficiency in technology skills for high school students from historically underserved communities. The project-based program teaches the mindsets, skills, and interpersonal skills needed to succeed after graduation and engage productively in the digital age workplace.

“We are not looking for the smartest, best or most social public speakers – there are no entrance exams or minimum requirements at DAE,” said AM Bhatt, Founder and CEO of the ‘association. “Instead, these scholarships are for students who demonstrate a commitment to using technology to make a positive impact…those who want to be the agents of change that our society desperately needs.”

DAE is looking for students who love computer science and who would benefit from greater access. The program is also designed for young people who are still searching for their sense of purpose – as well as those who have a clear idea of ​​their values ​​and the impact they want to have in the world. Applicants for the scholarship should only meet one of the above criteria.

Students interested in applying can visit

With a 91% retention rate for its youth and adult skills education programs, DAE balances learning content and context – giving students the tools and support to shape their own future. .. to think, act and value differently. DAE students, the vast majority of whom have never coded before, develop a variety of web platforms and products that demonstrate the fast-paced and highly people-centric approach the nonprofit takes to developing values-driven young tech professionals.

“If we want our young people to not only succeed, but be able to create positive change in the systems we all live in, we must give them the opportunity to explore their interests and surprise themselves with what they are capable of. .create,” said Kyley Komschlies, Head of Secondary Education and Community.

Skills Academy students create several websites and mobile apps over the course of the year, eventually creating a portfolio to showcase their abilities in future projects. Emphasis is also placed on research, design and product development, as well as the components of digital life, including human-centered design, social change, ethics and digital data, careers and collaboration in a digital world.

Bhatt continued, “Whether in college or directly into a career, DAE offers students a significant head start in a fun, engaging, and supportive environment. Graduates walk away qualified for entry-level jobs, from web design and development to support specialists, with high growth potential – right in their backyards. »

DAE is located at 470 James St., New Haven and can be reached at (203) 401-8768 or by visiting For the latest news and updates, follow @DistrictArtsEdu on Facebook and @dae_nhv on instagram.

Connecticut nonprofit DAE uses education as a vehicle for social justice, empowering underrepresented high school students and young adults with free tech programs and access to digital career and life skills. Based in New Haven with an additional location at Synchrony Skills Academy in Stamford, the nonprofit’s youth programs emphasize development through doing in a collaborative and nurturing environment, while Adult Skills Academy offers a four-month immersion in software engineering. Balancing both the content and context of learning, DAE strives to develop human beings who are technologically savvy and deeply human-centered. For more information, visit

Gordon K. Morehouse