New computer system to speed up the processing of unemployment claims in Pennsylvania.


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – It’s no secret that the State Department of Labor and Industry has faced problems getting unemployment benefits for Pennsylvanians in time during the pandemic. They say more staff and a new computer system will mean the unemployment money will arrive faster.

The new unemployment benefit system will be available on June 8 and will replace the current system, which is 40 years old. If you need to file your claim every two weeks the week of May 30, you will have a shorter timeframe due to the transition and will need to file by June 2.

“And everyone will be moving to a weekly filing model,” said Jennifer Berrier, acting secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

At present, the ministry says it has processed 94% of the regular unemployment compensation claims it has received. Once the new system is up and running and the staff are fully trained, we’re told it should be able to process requests around 10% faster, and it should also be easier to use.

“The information that is uploaded to their dashboard is actually received by us in real time and allows our staff to respond to that additional information in real time as well, whereas before you would send something to a resource account. or by mail. Said Berrier.

The department will be running virtual workshops starting this week to help people prepare. You can find more information here. About 230 new customer service reps were added on Monday to answer calls, with 200 more for later this month. This way, current staff can focus exclusively on resolving issues with existing complaints.


Gordon K. Morehouse