New Computer Program in the Works for Chisholm HS with $20,000 Grant | New

ENID, Oklahoma— Chisholm High School may get a new computer class teaching students to promote the school’s academic and athletic success, thanks to tens of thousands of dollars from the district foundation.

More than half of the nearly $39,000 that was awarded district-wide Monday by the Chisholm Public Schools Foundation will go to the multimedia productions program planned by teacher Robert Shoate.

The $20,000 he received will help the computer programming professor buy several new Macs, GoPros, smart monitors and other tech tools.

Students would then learn how to make “hype videos” for basketball, football and all varsity teams, said Shoate, who currently teaches about 100 high school students.

He said he hoped the funding would lead to a whole new class, but he didn’t know the plan yet.

“I wish I had something nice to say,” he said after receiving a massive introduction check on Monday. “I’m just, I’m speechless.”

The students all sat in the cafeteria before second period to watch presentations to the high school’s four award-winning teachers, cheering as Shoate received his award.

“‘Thank you’ is all I can say at the moment,” Shoate said after the children were sent back to class.

The articles had been listed on Shoate’s project on DonorsChoose.coma website commonly used by teachers requesting donations for their classrooms.

The school’s principal, Angela Avila, said he would now be able to take down the project’s webpage.

“The vision for this program will impact not just the high school, but our district as a whole, and then hopefully provide opportunities to advance students in the career choices they want,” said said Avila later. Monday.

Twenty-six teachers – 18 of whom were teachers at Chisholm Elementary School – received a total of $38,700.48 from half a dozen foundation members who came to bring their gifts Monday.

“Two great Christmas presents in two weeks is awesome,” said Mary Coats, reading teacher at Chisholm Middle School, after receiving more than $215 for a DVD player and headphones.

Foundation treasurer Danielle Deterding said that rather than using Donors Choose, the foundation chooses the awards from teacher nominations.

A committee of former members of the foundation board then decides which should be funded based on the mission statement.

Deterding, also chairman of the district board of education, said the grants came from the foundation’s annual live auction, held this year on Oct. 23.

Some of the other awards presented on Monday included:

• $4,325 to CHS Athletic Director, Gary Riley, to replace the football field goal posts.

• $2,666.89 to elementary school teacher Lindsey Schroder for iPads, docking stations and cases; Schroder also received $427.35 for sheet music and supplies, $296.65 for recorders, $179.55 for fidget pop sets, and $89.88 for microphone stands.

• $1,956 to elementary school teacher Gina Thornton for a Genius family kit.

• $1,919.72 to Amy Barnes, a college teacher, for new hot plates.

• $1,200.03 to elementary school teacher Wendy Ochs’ first-grade team for a room makeover;

Ochs also individually received $115.50 for Secret Stories, a phonics teaching toolkit.

• $843.25 to elementary school teacher Sara Dow for STEAM supplies.

• $675 to elementary school teacher Kristen Tefft for school supplies.

Gordon K. Morehouse