Nashville Software School launches software engineering program with Amazon

NASHVILLE, Tenn., November 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The nation’s first nonprofit software bootcamp, Nashville School of Software (NSS), today announced the launch of a new software engineering program in collaboration with Amazon to expand opportunities and access to technology careers in Nashville and beyond. The online Software Engineering with Java/AWS Specialization program is available for highly motivated adults across the United States who want to learn the skills needed to build complex, high-performance software applications, and qualify for software engineering jobs. entry-level products on demand among technology companies and enterprise IT organizations.

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts software engineer growth of 22% through 2029 and that rate is even higher, and expected to continue to rise, in Nashville. A key driver of this growth is building and deploying (or redeploying and modernizing) applications on public cloud platforms like Amazon’s AWS. According to a recent Deloitte survey, 68% of CIOs ranked migration to public cloud and/or private cloud expansion as the top driver of IT spending in 2020.

“We were thrilled when Amazon approached us with the opportunity to collaborate with them to use Amazon Technical Academy’s proven in-house curriculum as the foundation of our software engineering curriculum. This is a major milestone in our nine-year opening doors to technology careers Nashville,” said John Wark, Founder and CEO, Nashville Software School. “Our new program opens another avenue for local residents and those outside of our region to learn the skills necessary to launch a rewarding and lucrative career in software development. In line with our mission and our other programs, this program is aimed at motivated adults with abilities – whether or not they have previously taken a technical education – including those who are underemployed, financially fragile or economically disadvantaged, as well as those from backgrounds underrepresented in technology careers , including blacks, Hispanics, women and veterans.”

The NSS program is based on the curriculum of Amazon Technical Academy, one of Amazon’s unique skills training programs, developed by Amazon engineers, to help non-technical Amazon employees without prior coding experience advance to software engineering roles. ‘entry level. Amazon Technical Academy has placed 98% of its internal graduates into software development engineering roles at Amazon. The program is part of Amazon $1.2 billion Improvement 2025 is committed to helping more than 300,000 of its own employees move into higher-paying, in-demand roles at Amazon and beyond by 2025.

“At Amazon, we strive to remove barriers such as time and money for our employees so they can pursue professional training and educational opportunities essential for the jobs of the future. to the nonprofit mission of the Nashville Software School and focuses on affordability and reducing financial barriers,” said Sarah’s Castle, Director, Amazon Technical Academy. “We are excited to work with the Nashville Software School because of their proven track record in increasing the diversity of the Nashville technology community and their good employment outcomes. We hope the Amazon Technical Academy curriculum will help more potential students advance their careers and fill high-demand software engineering positions. »

Preparing students for success
NSS is adapting the original Amazon Technical Academy curriculum in several ways for this new curriculum. Tools and technologies commonly used by industry developers are integrated into the program and the teaching approach will also incorporate techniques used in other NSS programs, such as the widespread use of hands-on, real-world group projects .

Software Engineering with Java/AWS specialization combines hands-on training in on-the-job software engineering practices and tools, with a comprehensive introduction to applied computing concepts and training in cloud computing concepts and technologies . Students apply skills learned in class through hands-on coding exercises and building and deploying server-side applications. Students will also work with the NSS career development team so that they are prepared for job search success upon graduation. Software Engineering is a nine-month, full-time program delivered in a synchronous online classroom. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CT.

Graduates of the program will earn an NSS software engineering certificate with specializations in Java and AWS and be eligible to apply for junior software engineer positions with the most selective employers. For example, NSS graduates applying to Amazon for full-time, entry-level software development engineer positions will go through the same hiring and assessment process as graduates of four-year computer science degree programs.

Students will have access to several tuition options, including payment plans, student loans, and scholarships. The NSS Opportunity Tuition Plan, a risk-shared deferred tuition plus scholarship plan, will also be available to qualified applicants in this program.

NSS also deploys a number of ways to help interested adults with no prior programming experience determine whether they want to pursue this career and learn the coding skills required to enroll in software engineering. These pre-work options combine self-study, mentorship, and instructor-led journeys to learn introductory programming concepts and the Java programming language.

The first cohort will be launched in June 2022. Students can apply for

About Nashville Software School
Launched in 2012, Nashville Software School was the nation’s first nonprofit software bootcamp. The mission is to prepare motivated and capable adults for careers in technology. NSS is committed to creating opportunities for high-paying technology careers for people who are financially disadvantaged or from groups that are underrepresented in technology careers. There are currently 1,600 NSS alumni and around 275 in-session students. NSS is authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and assessed annually to meet quality standards. NSS won the Best in Business 2020 award by the Nashville Business Journal and Nashville Scene Best of Nashville in 2016. Learn more about

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