Morehouse College establishes itself as the leader in software engineering

Morehouse College launched a new undergraduate software engineering program, making the country one of the first HBCUs to offer the major. Sixteen students are currently pursuing their studies in software engineering, some of which have transferred to the double degree major in computer science, business, biology and engineering. Dr Kinnis Gosha, president of Morehouse College’s division for experiential learning and interdisciplinary studies and full professor Hortenius I. Chenault, has developed courses for the program that prepare students to compete for internships and internships. jobs at top tech companies.

“During my nine years of working in the IT department here at Morehouse, I’ve learned that the curriculum has to be drastically changed to keep pace with the pace that technology companies are evolving,” said Gosha. “As a result, we have built a curriculum focused on skills that large tech companies are looking for, and which we have not consistently taught in our IT curriculum. It is designed to prepare students so that they don’t just get a job, they get the best, most competitive job. The new software development program is comprised of existing faculty, but will expand to include adjunct faculty and technology industry partners. Students take compulsory courses in full-stack web development, mobile web development, IT ethics and human values, as well as human-machine interaction. Its first graduates could graduate as early as May 2021.

Currently there are freshmen, sophomores and juniors enrolled. Based on an informal audit of computer programs at HBCUs across the country, Gosha said it appears Morehouse is the first to offer a software engineering degree. Recently, the program received significant endorsement from a national business leader. JPMorgan Chase President and CEO Jamie Dimon donated $ 100,000 to Morehouse College to establish a software engineering innovation lab under Gosha’s leadership. Gosha said the donation would support the development of a spacious space in which students can reflect and work together on group projects like they would in technology companies.

The Innovation Lab will include collaborative spaces, a video wall, a digital whiteboard, and quiet spaces for reflection and meditation. “In the industry, a person doesn’t develop Google Maps or Microsoft Word,” Gosha said. “You have to work in large teams. This donation will help us develop a world-class program for men of color who want to become software developers. Black men have been woefully under-represented in the nation’s computer footprint, and this giveaway is a small step to change the narrative. According to a Pew Research study, only seven percent of employed black professionals with a bachelor’s or higher degree work in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The average salary for a software engineer is around $ 107,300, according to

Gordon K. Morehouse