Montpellier modernizes the police IT system | Local news

MONTPELIER – The Montpellier Police Department is updating its computer software four years earlier and for around a third of the expected price.

Village director Jason Rockey said he, finance director Nikki Uribes and police chief Dan McGee had been looking for new software for the department for some time.

“It’s getting more and more expensive to maintain,” Rockey said. “It’s becoming obsolete.”

They started withholding money last year for the purchase and expected to do so for several years before making the purchase.

Uribes said they planned to save money for five years and still didn’t expect to have all the money needed for the purchase.

However, that has changed.

The Montpellier Police Department will start using the same software as the Williams County Sheriff’s Department and a few other county police departments, and this software is much cheaper than the village originally planned.

“We were thinking $ 250,000 and this one is $ 95,000,” Uribes said. “So we’re really happy with the cost of this. “

Using the same software, Uribes said all departments could connect with each other. So many officials would like to see the whole county on the same system.

Rockey said McGee requested a quote last year and received a detailed list of services.

“There’s been a lot of thinking about it,” Rockey said.

Uribes said there was also an annual royalty of $ 8,000, which she said is what the village is currently paying for its software. This is also a cloud-based technology, so they won’t need their own server which they have now.

The board voted unanimously to allow Rockey to purchase the upgrade.

Gordon K. Morehouse