Mistakes to Avoid with Outsourcing Software Development

In a software engineering project, various complex development technologies can be used. Developers can use Java, Swift, AngularJS, Python, etc. This means that the quality of the developer will significantly influence the outcome of the project.

No matter what you might think, the most common problems that appear with software development are caused by human error. With software outsourcing, it is essential that you find great developers as you might end up with errors like the following.

Throw the software outsourcing company to the wolves

Most companies that hire software outsourcing companies think that all they have to do is find a partner and then have nothing else to do. This is completely wrong. Without a strong partnership between the outsourcing company and the client, it is impossible to produce something of high quality.

Software development projects require an organized engineering process, clear commitments, responsibilities and goals. For all of this to be in place, communication is mandatory.

Don’t trust the software outsourcing company

Software development can only be done by humans who need to trust each other. The problem is that trust is often greatly underestimated. Real trust only builds over time. As you agree with the software outsourcing company and make the payments on time, their confidence in you grows. As developers deliver products, your confidence grows.

Keep in mind that every Slack comment, email, conversation, and even team call is going to build trust or have the exact opposite outcome.

Not to be honest

Trust is impossible without full disclosure. You should never hide bad news or your project could fail. Your outsourcing partners always need honesty and clarity regarding all aspects of the project. This includes the work schedule, deliverables, team priorities, documentation, and software quality.

Lack of senior management commitment

Advice is taken in all organizations by senior management. As a result, we never take risks without a guarantee of support. When outsourcing software development, there is always a risk. That is why management should offer support for minor and major improvements.

It all starts with developing a vision shared by both parties for how the strategic goals are achieved by the initiative. It is important that both companies do their part to make mutual success a reality. Senior management can and should develop realistic requirements, clear communication methods and indicators of success.

Lack of knowledge transfer

Outsourcing partnerships for software development should establish knowledge transfer procedures. The service provider and the client must work together in order to define the technical requirements of the project and the expected end product. If knowledge transfer is incomplete, outsourced products will be problematic.

At the start of the project, a knowledge base should be established. This should be done as team members meet and learn how they can work together. As expected, this is a step that also becomes very important in building trust, which we have already highlighted as very important.

Gordon K. Morehouse