Lubbock County Confirms Private Information Accessible Under New Computer System, Says Situation Not a Data Breach | KLBK | KAMC

LUBBOCK, Texas – Lubbock County issued a statement on Tuesday about making previously private court information available to the public through a new registry system.

An earlier statement from the Lubbock County Defense Lawyers Association called the incident a data breach. The association said it became aware of the situation on September 10.

The statement said Lubbock County was first notified on Tuesday. However, he said the incident was not a data breach “or an issue where information has been compromised”.

Instead, he said some court records that were previously not available to the public “had become visible under Lubbock County’s new software system.”

In August, the county’s computer system moved from Ki-Corp to Tyler Technologies.

Read the full Lubbock County statement below:

On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the Lubbock County Information and Technology Department learned that certain court records that were previously not available for public review had become visible under Lubbock County’s new software system. . Some of these files include non-disclosure orders, criminal cases, civil law and family law files. This access portal has now been temporarily blocked until we can identify which court records may be [sic] accessible by parties, lawyers and the general public.

It was not a data breach [sic], or a problem where the computer system has been compromised. Lubbock County will continue to review policies regarding all court records, in our effort to make these records accessible to lawyers and the public.

Gordon K. Morehouse