LinearB Launches ‘Dev Interrupted’ Community to Help Software Engineering Leaders Continuously Improve

Engineering leaders from GitHub, Netflix and Honeycomb join Dev Interrupted community event on May 20 to discuss continuous improvement

LOS ANGELES and TEL-AVIV, Israel, May 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – LinearB, the team behind Software Delivery Intelligence, launched the “Dev Interrupted” community, which consists of a Discord community, podcast, newsletter, and events ( As a community of engineering leaders with over 1,000 Discord members, Dev Interrupted brings together the most forward-thinking minds to build the future of daily continuous improvement for software development teams.

Dev Interrupted presents new ideas from the world’s most innovative engineering leaders at community events each month. At May 20 at noon PT, Dana lawson, vice president of engineering at GitHub, Catherine koehler, Director of Productivity Engineering at Netflix, and Charity majors, CTO of Honeycomb, join the Dev Interrupted community for an evening of live watch focused on creating daily improvements in engineering organizations.

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“Dev Interrupted is a place to promote the organic and forward thinking ideas of the new faces of software engineering leadership.” noted Dan lines, co-founder of LinearB and host of the Dev Interrupted podcast. “It’s not just a community of LinearB users. We believe in creating a space where engineering leaders can come together, share ideas, have a little fun and have something tangible to pick up and share with their teams. ”

Dev Interrupted is led by community moderators who facilitate daily interactions in Discord. Discord is an anonymous chat-based community that enables openness, vulnerability, and honesty among peer leaders. These unfiltered organic discussions are invaluable to the community for building relationships and advancing new ideas. The Dev Interrupted Discord is a place where engineering leaders from around the world can connect on topics ranging from team culture, hiring, leadership, and metrics.

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Dev Interrupted uses community conversation at the center of its podcasts, articles and discussions. Several members of the Discord community are also joining Dan lines on the popular Dev Interrupted podcast. Recent guests include:

  • Eric Johnson, CTO at GitLab
  • Ian nowland, SVP of Core Engineering at Datadog
  • John willis, Senior Director Global Transformation Office at Red Hat
  • Cate Huston, Director of Engineering at DuckDuckGo
  • Anders Wallgren, VP of Technology Strategy at Cloudbees
  • Spiros Xanthos, VP of Product Management, Observability and IT Operations at Splunk

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