Lifetime Lessons in Software Engineering

This book offers a retrospective, not of a single project or sub-project, but of an entire career in the software industry. James Bonang provides solutions to the eclectic problems you will encounter as a software professional. The book features encounters with interesting software engineering personalities, murderous computers, ancient gods, and an extra-solar intruder. You will face the world’s greatest (fictional) detective and discover how the best engineers determine the root cause of the most catastrophic software failures. You will absorb a lifetime of experience without any hassle.

Author: James Bonang
Date: January 2022
Pages: 608
Kindle: ‎B09QCBVJ9V
Audience: General interest
Intermediate level
Category: Methodology

Topics Covered:

  • Improve your technical writing skills
  • Prepare and deliver succinct and impactful technical presentations
  • Teach and mentor
  • Use estimates and analytical confidence measures
  • Find reliable sources of information
  • Conduct retrospectives
  • Perform code inspections
  • Carry out case studies
  • Use checklists
  • Use the Delphi method
  • Use pre-, post-, and invariant conditions to improve software reliability
  • Write defensive code
  • Perform root cause analyzes
  • Deal with the toughest types of software faults
  • Protect against floating point errors
  • Identify future career paths (including areas accelerated by the pandemic)

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