Leading Software Development Company Launches Merchandise Store

The software engineering company Serokell opens a store of derivative products for programmers.

Serokell is a software development company that uses functional programming languages ​​to implement scientific solutions in various fields. The company is also well known for its passion for promoting the use of Functional Programming (FP) by industry. Serokell developers teach computer science students at universities, and the company regularly sponsors programming contests. Now, Serokell has announced the opening of the new merchandise store for FP fans.

Merch Store for Fans of Functional Programming

Serokell Shop is a new merchandise store that offers comfortable t-shirts designed exclusively for those who love functional programming languages ​​and want recognition in the developer community.

Opening day is April 25, 2022. To celebrate, Serokell is offering a promo code for the first purchase. Promo code CWP22 will give 22% discount until May 25, 2022.

Functional programming languages ​​include Haskell, Scala, Erlang, and other languages ​​that aren’t as familiar to a wider audience as object-oriented languages, such as Java or C++. The FP methodology also differs in many ways from object-oriented languages.

Serokell has always sought to popularize functional programming languages ​​because they are invaluable when it comes to solving functionality and performance issues. Programs written in FP languages ​​tend to be more reliable and stable. Industries such as Fintech or Biotech, where security is particularly critical, benefit the most from the use of these languages. Serokell developers create reliable advanced software in Haskell and Elixir and cooperate with academic institutions internationally to share experience with colleagues and promote the use of functional languages ​​by industry.

The functional programming blog

Three years ago, the Serokell team started a blog as part of their corporate website to describe their working processes and show the awesomeness of functional programming.

The activity was recognized and valued in the community. In 2021, the Serokell blog was listed as one of the top Elixir programming blogs, according to FeedSpot.

Serokell Software Development and Consulting Services

Blockchain and smart contracts

Custom blockchain software development can include:

● public blockchains

● enterprise DLT solutions

● smart contracts

● decentralized funded platforms

● custom blockchain platforms

● NFTs

Fintech software development

The innovative fintech solutions they create include:

● mobile fintech apps

● payment systems

● exchanges

● trading platforms

● transaction processing systems

Biotechnology Software Development Services

They build different biotechnology data management software, such as:

● scientific data management systems (SDM)

● Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS)

● electronic lab notebook systems

Software Audit

The company offers audits in the following areas:

● functional programming infrastructure

● fintech infrastructure

● algorithms

● smart contracts

Find out more about Serokell

Serokell is an award-winning company with a strong track record of working with large enterprises on functional and data-driven development. The company solves real business problems by applying an advanced scientific approach. With more than 5 years of experience in different fields, from fintech and blockchain to machine learning and biotechnology, Serokell provides efficient, scalable and reliable solutions to its customers. Serokell was recently mentioned among the best software development companies by independent researchers Techreviewer.

The company specializes in large-scale development and engineering of complex systems. They cover all technical aspects of the software development process and perform audits to ensure the solution is reliable and secure. They aim to develop complex software solutions for different industries.

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