Kingman’s computer system recovers after cyberattack


More than two weeks after a cyber attack destroyed much of Kingman’s municipal computer system, city officials hope most of the system will be fully functional again by the end of the week.

The cyberattack occurred on February 26, affecting internet access, remote payment of utility bills and email services, and prompting the city to seek help from a Guard task force. Arizona National.

Specialists have visited more than 20 workplaces to re-activate email, internet access and specialized programs, city officials said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Some work functions, specialized software, files, etc. are still not accessible to most departments as it is a long process to ensure a safe transition to full functionality,” said officials in a statement on March 16. “This is still the case. Unknown when all systems are fully functional.”

National Guard personnel arrived on February 27 and left Kingman on March 3.

The Municipal Court was not affected.

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Expert talks about recent cyberattacks on small local governments

Maya Levine, a cybersecurity expert, says there have been a lot of ransomware attacks over the past year targeting small governments and local communities.

“Attackers will often target local governments because they may not have really strong cybersecurity practices and technologies in place, which makes them easier to hit and easier targets,” Levine explained. .

Some tips she offers to protect yourself from cyber attacks:

  • Train employees in good cybersecurity practices
  • Continuous data backup
  • Make sure all software is up to date

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