It really is that easy to attach your Home Windows computer system to your Android smartphone

Windows Home has long offered you a way to connect to your Android smartphone. But now it’s even easier, and that’s largely a tip for Android users. This is how you manage your smartphone from your computer and easily use mobile phone options on your Windows laptop.

It is one of the best Windows applications that comes pre-installed on personal computers and now it has a different name and comes with a new look: Your Smartphone (Initial Your Cellphone) application has been renamed to Smartphone-Link (Initial Cell phone Url ) by Microsoft. . They may want to emphasize the purpose of the app even more, bringing Android cellphones and Windows PCs closer together.

Computer software connects your computer to your Android smartphone. iPhones are also supported in principle, but there are far fewer features available for Apple cell phones. Smartphone-Backlink is now a complete suite for managing Android smartphones from your desktop. You won’t need to have much more than the proper website link to the Windows Home app, proper Samsung smartphones even have the ability to directly pin a link in the options.

Now, in addition to the new title, Microsoft is launching a new search for the app, which aims to make notifications and other important attributes accessible via tabs even more easily. You can easily url your cell phone to your laptop using a QR code. Smartphone Link can do that.

New look and tabs

The new look and new tabs make the app even better.

Picture: Microsoft

Along with the new title there is a new layout for the Smartphone-Connection app. This contains, among other things, new icons, rounded corners and new colors and commands. In addition, tabbed browsing has recently been integrated for even faster access to the most important features.

See not so long ago opened cellular apps on desktop

Quick switch between PC and mobile phone: “Smartphone Link” displays recently opened applications.

Picture: Microsoft

With simple features, switching between smartphone and Windows laptop should be even easier. If you open an app on the cell phone, you can now seamlessly continue it on the computer.

To do this, simply click on the small arrow pointing up on the Windows taskbar and then on the smartphone icon. You will now see the three apps that you finally opened on your smartphone. A click on the application icon is enough to launch the application directly on the Laptop.

Reply to messages and configure commands

Useful shortcuts appear on linked Android phones.

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In addition to text messages, you can reply to any messages that appear in your notifications in the Windows app and the perspective notifications themselves on your desktop. Phone calls can also be answered and you can very easily control the songs played on the smartphone from the computer system.

This would make it easy to adjust commonly applied settings of connected mobile phones from Windows only: for example, turn Bluetooth on and off, turn sound on or off, start and stop audio, or manage Do Not Disturb mode. In addition, the paired smartphone gives details of the status of the battery or WLAN or the reception of the cellular cell phone.

Just use Android apps on computer

Almost any application that is on your smartphone can also be applied on the laptop.

Image: chip

By far the most interesting feature of your smartphone allows you to use any application installed on the smartphone on a Windows laptop. You can select apps from the apparent record, launch them in a new window, and even pin them to the taskbar for better usability.

The difficulty: not all smartphones are supported. Other than Microsoft’s two-screen Floor Duo machine, only current Samsung versions are supported due to a partnership between Samsung and Microsoft. So, if you want to use Android apps on your computer despite other smartphone manufacturers, you really must other procedures hold.

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Calls, photographs and new music

The Smartphone Website Link app also enables calls, notifications and new music.

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The Smartphone-Link app comes pre-configured on Windows 10 and 11, and users can download the latest updates from Microsoft Keep. With this software, it is not only possible to create SMS messages, which are then sent by means of an Android smartphone. Photos from Android phones also end up on the Windows desktop, and since the release of Windows 10 version 2004, phone calls can also be made.

This will work from Android 7. Phone calls will then show as a popup on the desktop with an Android smartphone connected. You can also connect with contacts and dial numbers freely from the Smartphone-Link app. If you also listen to new music on your smartphone, you can change music using the corresponding button in the Windows application.

Download: link to smartphone website

Gordon K. Morehouse