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What is the iN2l system?

The nationally recognized “It’s Never Too Late” program is an intuitive touch-screen computer technology system specifically designed for people living in long-term care facilities, assisted living environments, residential memory care centers and day centers for the elderly and adults.

The advanced system combines adaptive hardware, innovative software and engaging content to deliver a resident-centric experience.

Co-founded in 1999 by Jack York and his late brother, the iN2L program is delivered in more than 3,700 care communities in the United States and Canada, and makes technological programs, such as email and Skype, user-friendly and more enjoyable for old people. use.

Content-driven engagement creates meaningful experiences for older adults by connecting them to the world around them.

The program’s extensive library of content promotes well-being, empowerment and engagement in older adults and serves as the foundation for activities that facilitate social interaction, cognitive and physical exercise and therapeutic education, memories, areas of interest and commitment to memory support.

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The importance of technology, or gerotechnology in particular, was highlighted in a recent article in Senior Living 2022: The State of Engagement and Technology, “In 2022, technology will serve more connections deeper and more meaningful that create purpose and meaning in older adults. Lives. The right content-based solution will continue to connect residents to the hobbies, movies, pictures and games that delight them the most. It will also help automatically match residents with other like-minded people to help form new bonds around common interests and backgrounds. Throughout the coming year, engagement technology platforms will also emerge as comprehensive solutions that can support a wider range of functions, ranging from resident engagement, connection and support, planning, onboarding and operational efficiencies that help already overstretched support staff. As pandemic-era challenges persist, engagement technology continues to mature. The right platform will integrate with administrative, operational, housing and activity departments to play a vital role in the lives of residents while simultaneously helping to streamline processes, create efficiencies and solve operational challenges. ‘a community.

A 2016 research study at the University of Washington in Seattle using the iN2L system in a memory care unit showed that residents, family members, and staff all benefited from how the system facilitated interactions. Staff members were able to learn more about residents through interactions with them and with the system.

Residents and staff enjoyed the variety of activities, and the system promoted mental stimulation and provided opportunities for reminiscence therapy. The iN2l system also helped with physical mobility through one of its therapy programs, and it helped maintain attention span and served as a visual aid.

Additionally, having the iN2L system on the unit has given staff and residents something to look forward to, boosted their self-esteem, relieved pressure, and replaced or supplemented regular activities.

The multi-functional iN2L technology system provides care communities with ways to promote well-being and foster socialization with residents, staff and family members, as well as providing a sense of purpose and joy and, most importantly, , create meaningful connections and improve quality of life. life.

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Gordon K. Morehouse