Intron Technology: Achieves ASPICE CL3 Certification Industry’s Highest Recognition for Software Development Capability

Intron Technology Achieves ASPICE CL3 Certification Industry’s Highest Recognition for Software Development Capability


(December 30, 2021, Hong Kong) – Recently, Intron Technology Holdings Limited (“Intron Technology” or the “Group”; stock code: 1760.HK), a rapidly growing automotive electronics solutions provider in China, and its subsidiary in 100% G-Pulse Electronics subsidiary has been awarded Level 3 Capability Certificate of ASPICE V3.1, the latest automotive software process improvement and capability verification standard. This is the highest ASPICE rating to date awarded to a player in the continental automotive industry and also the highest entry level in the automotive supply chain comprising international and continental OEMs and suppliers of level 1 systems, it is therefore a benchmark for effectively evaluating the delivery capacity and reliability of a supplier’s software products.

According to ASPICE definitions, capacity level 3 means “established”. Relevant characteristics can be divided into 1) a company has defined standard processes and adjustment rules, and 2) a company’s standard processes can be customized for a dedicated project based on its attributes and characteristics, and executed . Intron technology has “fully achieved” both conditions, which means that it has stable and controllable system development capability, can effectively shorten product delivery period and optimize time and cost. of the project, as well as the complete delivery of the products with assured quality and quantity.

Automotive SPICE (“A-SPICE” or “ASPICE”) is a set of software process improvement and capability measurement standards for the automotive industry. It offers a model framework for defining, implementing and evaluating software development processes and the R&D capacity of players in the automotive industry. Originally formulated by more than 20 major European car manufacturers, ASPICE was officially launched in 2005. In recent years, notably with new energy vehicles, autonomous driving and [Internet-of-Vehicle / vehicle networking] Becoming an industry trend, automotive software has gained weight in the R&D of the automotive industry, and as a result, the demand for software quality management has steadily increased. As such, ASPICE has been widely used to improve the R&D process and assess the R&D capabilities of suppliers.

Obtaining certification does not only mean “gaining recognition” but also endorsement of Intron Technology’s unwavering efforts in automotive software development, continuously investing in its R&D capabilities and service philosophy of adhere to the strictest standards for the development and improvement of the quality of projects. The Group has mature R&D capabilities and platform service strengths accumulated over the years, including not only ASPICE level 3 development systems, but also design standards for functional safety and security of vehicle information, extensive experience in on-board software and hardware development, as well as a host of intelligent vehicle-related test and validation platforms.

Mr. Luk Wing Ming, President, Co-CEO and Executive Director of Intron Technology, said: “Achieving APSICE CL3 certification means that Intron Technology’s quality control process for software development has reached the highest international standards, meeting very stringent quality requirements and R&D capacity of European and international car manufacturers and leading suppliers. , Intron Technology will as always comply with the strict safety regulations of the automotive industry and continue to introduce relevant quality standards, in order to provide customers with high-quality software and hardware development solutions and serial production services from high quality. ”

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About Intron Technology Holdings Limited (英 恒 科技 控股 有限公司)
Intron Technology Holdings Limited is a rapidly growing automotive electronics solutions provider in China focused on providing solutions targeting critical automotive electronic components applied to new energy systems, automated driving, connectivity, body control, safety and powertrain. The Group uses its research and development and engineering capabilities to provide solutions incorporating advanced semiconductor devices to help OEMs achieve industry-leading performance.

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