Inspira Technologies Selects GlobalLogic For Software Development Of Its Early Extracorporeal Respiratory Support System That Works As An “Artificial Lung”


SAN JOSE, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –GlobalLogic Inc., a Hitachi group company and leader in digital engineering, today announced that it has been selected by Inspira Technologies to develop an algorithm-enhanced digital platform powering the ART device – an early extracorporeal respiratory support system targeting patients with respiratory failure such as those diagnosed with COVID-19. The project highlights GlobalLogic’s deep expertise in creating Class II and Class III software for medical devices that must meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Inspira Technologies has created ART, a new early, low-flow extracorporeal approach to treat the large patient population whose condition continues to deteriorate after non-invasive ventilation. To date, the only treatment available to them after non-invasive ventilation is highly invasive mechanical ventilation. The ART device uses a hemoprotective flow approach designed to rebalance oxygen saturation levels while patients are awake and breathing spontaneously, potentially minimizing the need for mechanical ventilation. ART is designed to enrich ~ 200cc of blood at any given time, raising oxygen saturation levels in one minute.

GlobalLogic will support Inspira in the development of the ART control platform algorithms responsible for monitoring and managing the early rebalancing of the patient’s oxygen saturation levels. These algorithms will also activate and control proprietary technologies and data collected from advanced sensors that measure oxygen saturation, blood temperature, hemoglobin and hematocrit levels as well as blood pressure and flow. Inspira Technologies notes that ART could potentially minimize the need for mechanical ventilators for hypoxemic patients, such as COVID patients. In addition, GlobalLogic will lead the verification testing of these systems.

“Software today plays an increasingly crucial role in improving the overall efficiency of medical devices. It also improves patient engagement and medical staff use of these technologies, ”said Shashank Samant, President and CEO of GlobalLogic. “For almost twenty years, we have worked with world-renowned medical device manufacturers as well as start-ups in today’s MedTech innovation hotspots. We are honored to have the opportunity to play such a pivotal role in bringing another disruptive technology to market, ART. Particularly at such a critical time when there is an urgent need for advanced treatment options. ”

GlobalLogic has in-depth skills focused on key medical device capabilities: device performance; data collection and analysis; and the intuitive medical staff and patient experiences. Specific to ART, GlobalLogic’s engineering contributions will help Inspira Technologies produce a digitally enhanced artificial lung while providing medical staff with the vital patient statistics needed to easily monitor progress and efficiency.

“It was imperative that we find a partner with both specialist capabilities in medical technology and the scale necessary to achieve our design goals, as we are committed to bringing much needed technology to market – filling a critical gap in today’s medical treatment options for patients with respiratory failure. that continue to deteriorate after treatment with non-invasive ventilation devices. Our decision to partner with GlobalLogic was driven by its proven ability in the medical device landscape and its ability to meet time-to-market requirements with reliable solutions, ”said Dagi Ben-Noon, CEO of Inspira Technologies.

ART is currently in development with the expected regulatory submission of its ART ECLS at the end of 2022.

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Inspira Technologies OXY BHN Ltée.

Inspira Technologies is an innovative medical device company in the respiratory care industry. Inspira is developing the ART device, an early and cost-effective extracorporeal respiratory support system with the intention of functioning as an “artificial lung” for patients with respiratory disorders. The ART device designed to use a hemoprotective flow approach to rebalance saturation levels while patients are awake and breathing, potentially minimizing the patient’s need for mechanical ventilation. The company’s product has not yet been tested or used in humans and has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For more information, please visit our corporate website:


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