IBM bets big on India to open more software development centers

U.S. tech giant IBM is betting big on India’s growth and plans to open more software development centers in the country as it seeks to partner with the government on its digitalization journey, said Friday its CEO Arvind Krishna.

During a visit to India, Krishna met with Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of Telecommunications Ashwini Vaishnaw and Minister of State for Informatics Rajeev Chandrasekhar to discuss further collaboration, including the development of skills and manpower.

The company that originally designed the technology and system behind ATMs, barcodes, and America’s social safety net, is very excited about how quickly the Indian government is ready to make decisions and where he is playing, he told a press conference.

“We feel good about our business in India. We have a good footprint in financial services, telecommunications, government (business) and industry, among others. We are very happy with the progress of our business here, ” he said.

Stating that IBM does not reveal country specific numbers, he said Asia performed well in the third quarter (July-September) and “India was a big part of it.”

“With global geopolitics, I wouldn’t name a country, I think India is a unique opportunity to jump even more than it has in the past two decades,” he said.

Globally, 70% of its revenue will now come from software and consulting, higher value-added businesses which both saw strong growth in the third quarter. Indian market revenues will reflect the global trajectory.

IBM has acquired 17 companies since Krishna became CEO to bolster its hybrid cloud and AI capabilities, both high value-added consulting and technology services.

In the past six months, it has expanded to Tier II cities in India and accelerated hiring.

IBM has grown considerably in India. We have large centers in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune and a smaller one in Delhi on R&D (research and development).

We have just announced the opening of centers near Ahmedabad and Kochi. These are just two of the few others that we have planned. I won’t announce the rest in advance, ” he said.

The company is globally targeting $ 35 billion in cash generation over the next three years for reinvestment in expanding its business, including in India.

In his meetings with Indian ministers, he said he had focused on skills and workforce development.

“We’re not talking about people outside of IITs (but) what we can do much deeper to prepare people for the digital revolution to come,” he said.

IBM in India devotes 100% of its CSR budget to the development and qualification of the workforce. “We’re not doing any other plans for the show. 100% of CSR concerns this area, that’s important. Discussions also focused on ‘Gatihakti’ – the use of digitization in government platforms to enable citizens to access more services much faster.

“At IBM, we’ll be very, very motivated to help be a part of it. These are government systems, they must own them, they must be the eventual decision makers.

“We will be very happy to participate in helping them build systems, add ladders, in a secure way, in a reliable way, in a way that they cannot be misused,” he said. -he declares.

Krishna, a former student of the Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur (IIT-K), knows the potential of the country and has been optimistic about India, especially about R&D and innovation to be created for the world .

In the past six months, IBM has grown in India. In addition to the opening of IBM Software Labs development centers in Kochi, Kerala and Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IBM Client Innovation Center (CIC) specializing in design, software engineering and analysis was launched in Mysuru and IBM Consulting Business Process Operations has opened a new center in Hyderabad, Telangana.

It will accelerate skills building and digital innovation, providing a solid foundation for the IT / ITeS sector in States.

IBM will offer cybersecurity training at 5 lakhs in India over the next five years. It has logged over 6.2 lakh of learners on SkillsBuild from India – a key milestone in its skills commitment to the nation.

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Gordon K. Morehouse