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NAPLES, Fla., May 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IT organizations are seeing a major shift in the organization of workforce management.

What tools can help organize seamless payments for globally distributed contractors or remote employees?
How to locate (or relocate) company assets? How can law enforcement be improved without a centralized presence within particular geographic boundaries?

Every business owner or technology executive faces these burning questions, aiming to safeguard, strengthen and expand their presence in changing IT markets.

The development of distributed software is constantly increasing. There are many reasons for the increasing prevalence of these teams. And the main one is its advantages for achieving successful trading results.

The distributed software development model brings many benefits, provided it is built efficiently. They include improved communication, time savings, cost savings, and pool diversification for your team.

There are many tips and rules for creating an effective distributed software development team. Intetics Inc. recently published a white paper on building your team as part of the distributed software development approach and building your product.

The white paper contains verified information on the following areas:

-the concept of distributed software development definition, its main applications and best practices
-benefits, misconceptions and challenges of distributed teams
-the current and future landscape of the market
-industry use cases
-useful resources, practical tools and working techniques from market leaders.

You will see the difference between distributed development preconceptions and real challenges. The whitepaper shows why the shortcomings of the distributed approach are not related to poor quality of work, inadequate management and poor communication. In this regard, the CEO and President of Intetics, Boris Kontsevoi, in his Forbes article, said:

“One of the main reasons tech leaders are wary of distributed teams is that it goes directly against some of the core principles of agile development, specifically that face-to-face communication is best. But recent advances in video technology make this objection virtually obsolete. Sticking to the remaining agile principles and adding deliberate, intentional video communication can lead to even better development results. »

The white paper contains the real challenges, the corresponding mitigation strategies and a ready-to-use action plan.

What are the ways to meet these challenges?

You can find the preview in two main ways:

1. Useful Agile Patterns: Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Extreme Programming

2. specific working models: Boot Camp, Rotating Guru, Remote Pairing, Technology Alignment, etc.
In other parts of the whitepaper, you can dive into the technical details, namely the core skills of the distributed team technology stack. There are tips for working with cloud platforms, CI servers, real-time chats, etc.

Additionally, the white paper describes the cases and application areas of distributed teams working on projects, listed below:

-Development of the best CRM system
– Development of a cloud-based recruitment platform
-One of the largest health portal developments in the United States

Let’s explore some numbers about the White Paper. After studying it, you will acquire the following practical methods and tips:

-Eight Key Lessons from Building a Distributed Software Development Team
-Three communication paths within a distributed team: in Agile, standard and large
– Eight best practices and standards to keep your distributed team efficient
-Three industry resources that will help build an effective distributed development team and measure team member satisfaction
– 10+ working tips for establishing a healthy and transparent working relationship with your developers: learn how to establish strong communication, manage tasks, give feedback and create a healthy culture
-Three courses and certifications to acquire relevant organizational and technical skills to coordinate a distributed team

Follow the link to download and read the full version of the white paper.

About Intetics Inc.

Intetics Inc. is a leading global technology company providing custom software application development, professional distributed team building, software product quality assessment and “all-digital” solutions built with SMAC, RPA, AI/ML, IoT, blockchain and GIS. /UAV Technologies/LBS.

Based on pioneering proprietary offshore dedicated team and remote insourcing business models, advanced technical debt reduction (TETRA) platform and measurable SLAs for software engineering, Intetics helps innovative organizations capitalize on global talent through our deep engineering expertise based on our predictive software engineering framework.


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