Holberton Tulsa software development training program graduates first


The first cohort of 17 students graduated from Holberton Tulsa, a tuition-fee software development school.

They started the 20-month program in January 2020 and continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, earning certificates in options such as machine learning or augmented and virtual reality. Holberton Tulsa executive director Libby Ediger said nearly half of their first group of students got jobs before graduation, and all but one of those jobs were in the Tulsa.

“When people think of software engineering, maybe they think of Google or Facebook or those kinds of big tech companies. And what we really want to convey to people is that jobs are everywhere, from the traditional oil and gas industry to a lot of new tech companies that are being built or relocated to Tulsa, ”Ediger said.

Ediger said several other students were in the process of hiring somewhere.

Holberton graduates pay a percentage of their income after finding work. The school is accept applications for its next cohort until December 24. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.

“And really, our goal of being part of Tulsa and being part of this kind of new tech sector in Tulsa is to be able to have tens and hundreds of graduates per year to help build this truly awesome tech sector for our city. . ”Ediger said.


Gordon K. Morehouse