Get the software engineering skills your career needs with this preparatory training

Good software engineering can literally change lives, for better or for worse, so it needs to be done right. The Google Software Engineering Manager 2021 Preparation Pack is designed to teach you the skills you need and prepare you for the certification exams needed to become both a better software engineer and a better manager. It’s valued at $ 2,388 and on sale now for just $ 39.99.

On the razor wire

Over twelve courses, rated up to 5/5 stars, will equip you with the skills most important for working at Google and other major software companies. First, you’ll learn how Python is used for machine learning and processing, with an overview of the current state of AI and machine learning in Python, a course dedicated to natural language processing ( NLP), another entirely focused on sound and speech. analysis, and finally code optimization for Big Data.

You’ll even learn how to animate with Python, dynamically bring results to life, and follow that with a detailed breakdown of how Google Data Studio creates data visualizations and reports for businesses. Next, two courses examine the practical applications of AI, with an in-depth look at digital marketing and AI, and a deeper exploration of NLP and sequence models to teach computers to understand language better.

Front-End and Back-End

The package concludes with two courses on UI design and coding, an overview of functional coding in C # and two preparation courses for key certifications, the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and the ISACA Certified Information Systems. Auditor (CISA). When completed, you will have a full set of skills, perfect for entering the tech industry.

Each course is taught by working software engineers with years of experience both with code and teaching others how to handle it. They focus on practice with code projects and an in-depth discussion of the latest techniques.

Get the 2021 Google Software Engineering Manager Readiness Package for $ 39.96 (reg. $ 2,888).

Prices subject to change.

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