Get started in software engineering with 41 hours of training for $ 39

Every time you open an app or talk to your smart speaker, you benefit from the work of a software engineer. These highly qualified people are always in demand and they get to work on fascinating projects. The Super Software Engineer pack helps you get started on this lucrative career, with 41 hours of beginner training for just $ 39 at XDA Developers Depot.

For anyone who enjoys solving problems, software engineering is a brilliant career path. Computer-based, this role involves providing creative coding solutions. It also happens to be extremely well paid – the median salary is $ 110,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Comprising seven courses, this set is the perfect starting point for budding engineers. Through 41 hours of hands-on tutorials, you learn to create unique software for a variety of purposes. Along the way, you start with several popular languages ​​and frameworks.

The training helps you code for the Internet of Things, create automations for robots, explore artificial intelligence, and learn about data science with Python. You also get hours of lessons on Java, Angular, MongoDB, and more.

You should come away with the skills and portfolio to find work, as well as certificates of completion. The plan also includes lifetime access, so you can revise at any time.

This training is worth $ 2,500 in total, but you can get all seven classes today for just $ 39.

The Super Software Engineer Pack – $ 39

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