Five Computer System Considerations For Car Washes

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – In Professional car wash and maintenanceThe January article, “Benefits of Computer Technology,” Chris McKenna, regular contributor, discusses how modern computer systems can run car washes at peak efficiency.

“I have had experience as an owner / operator for almost 20 years, and in my opinion, an auto service company should invest a small fortune in accountants, ledger sheets, etc. if she doesn’t have a computer. [system] with the capabilities to monitor and track day-to-day operations, expenses and profits, ”McKenna says in the article.

Car washes need to invest in modern point-of-sale (POS) systems and software to get on the right track, he continues in the article.

“Owners and operators can choose from several different systems and functions,” McKenna explains in the article. “And most, if not all, manufacturers and distributors of point-of-sale systems will help car washes make an informed decision based on their specific needs. “

In the article, McKenna shares five general factors that owners and operators should consider before making their final choice about a computer system:

  • Make sure that the system under consideration is PCI (payment card industry) compliant and has a good track record (almost all computers are now fully compliant). If applicable, check the product reviews to get an idea of ​​how the system is performing for other users.
  • When introducing an interface component into a car wash, be sure to consider any current IT equipment, such as an existing tunnel controller system.
  • If your car wash manages a large number of account and fleet service vehicles, consider how easily a potential new system can be integrated and provide accurate, up-to-date tracking.
  • Make sure you have complete and accurate management of the parking meter for all employees and that this management can be separated by department if necessary.
  • And finally, check all associated Internet accessibility and security protocols.

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Gordon K. Morehouse