Edify launches eddy, the software engineering integration solution

PORTLAND, Ore., May 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Edify announced the release of eddy, an engineering integration tool that enables teams to create and deploy technical integration programs, introduce corporate culture, streamline business team integration and reduce productivity time. As engineering teams quickly turn to remote work, Edify automates the technical integration process. eddy guides new engineers through onboarding tasks and schedules team presentations to accelerate their learning and onboarding into the team, making space for human connection and leaving senior members of the team team free to answer higher level questions. Edify’s vision is to remove friction from all aspects of the day-to-day life of an engineering team.

On average, a new software engineer takes 7-9 months onboarding – 1/3 of new hires look for another job before completing the onboarding process and only stay with a company for 18 months on average. With the introduction of eddy, engineering managers are able to quickly establish, deliver and maintain technical integration plans for their new hires, reducing productivity and churn time. eddy reduces the onboarding process from 7 months to 30 days.

“The integration of engineering is complex and technical,” says CTO Kate farmer. “This often overlooked and underserved part of remote team building has led to a $ 22 billion churn problem in the engineering industry. We designed eddy to solve this problem, bringing our teams together while giving them the tools to succeed. “

Drawing on years of scientific learning and technical integration expertise, eddy is designed specifically for software engineers and lives in Slack (and soon Microsoft Teams), where engineering teams are already working. This allows engineering managers to easily create their one-time onboarding plan, helping them identify and prioritize key information and documentation, fill in gaps, and generate a comprehensive program for new hires. eddy then delivers a fully automated onboarding plan to new hires, connecting them to knowledge while increasing the human connection between team members.

Eddy’s eddy creates an automated, consistent, high-quality onboarding experience for new team members, increasing the productivity of growing companies invested in developing cohesive and highly functional teams.

About Edify:
Edify’s vision is to empower engineering teams to create the best products in the world, and our mission is to remove friction from all aspects of the day-to-day life of an engineering team. We create software that helps you hire, onboard, develop and support your team from start to finish.

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