Computer Science and Software Engineering Club

From left to right: Colin Wilson, Josh Joseph and Olivia Habart. Cheyenne McGuire | Donor

By Cheyenne McGuire

The recent Computer Science and Software Engineering Club meeting featured a conference on AI and neural networks led by Colin Wilson.

Wilson is an IT student from Milan who joined the club after coming across a flyer.

“It was like seeing the light,” Wilson said. Wilson has been immersed in computer science since middle school and spent the past summer researching neural networks in his spare time.

His speech coincides with the club’s current project, an AI checkers game.

“Right now we are in the planning stages for the actual game, but we hope to start coding with each other,” said club founder Josh Joseph.

Joseph is an IT specialist at Howell, as well as a recent guest speaker for the A2 Entrepreneurs club. “I wanted to try to challenge myself and teach others about programming and concepts that you don’t learn in classes,” Joseph said, regarding his reasons for starting the club.

The club welcomes people of all levels.

“It’s meant to challenge people and simulate what a job would have you do while working as a team to solve problems, so I definitely try to be careful of those who are very new,” Joseph said.

Wilson encourages interested participants to drop by. “Do it. It will be the greatest experience of your life. You will learn new things, you will be exposed to this world and this community, and you may find this is your new home,” Wilson said. .

Visit for the time and location of the Computer Science and Software Engineering Club for the Winter 2019 semester.



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