CMU Software Engineering Institute Announces Creation of New AI Division and Appoints Director

AI engineering is an emerging area of ​​research and practice that combines the principles of systems engineering, software engineering, computer science, and human-centered design to create systems for AI in line with human needs for mission results. This discipline will help the Department of Defense and other government agencies achieve mission objectives by developing and deploying scalable, robust and secure, and human-centered AI systems.

The new SEI AI division will focus on applied artificial intelligence research and engineering issues related to the practical design and implementation of AI technologies and systems. The division will build on the work carried out by the SEI Emerging Technology Center (ETC), which initiated and nurtured AI engineering at SEI.

Gaston, who joined UTE in 2011, is currently Director of ETC, which focuses on applying new software technologies to acquire advance mission capabilities for DoD and other government agencies. Under his leadership, ETC’s research portfolio expanded to include work in advanced computing, applied artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as human-machine interaction. Gaston also holds a post of Assistant Associate Professor at the CMU Software Research Institute.

Carnegie Mellon University recognized early on the promise of AI to enable better and faster decisions at scale, ”said CMU vice president for research J. Michael McQuade. CMU researchers created the first AI computer program in 1956 and since then have carried out pioneering work in autonomous vehicles, facial recognition and natural language processing. CMU was also the first American university to offer an undergraduate degree in AI. It is essential for the US government to bring the engineering discipline to AI as a key enabler of national security, and it is particularly appropriate that the Software Engineering Institute contributes to this discipline because of the university’s long history of leadership in this area. ”

Prior to joining SEI, Gaston was Research Director at Viz, a business line of General Dynamics C4 Systems, where he led research activities for the Battle Management System division. Prior to Viz, he served as the Technical Director of the US National Security Agency’s Advanced Analysis Laboratory.

“The Department of Defense sponsored SEI in 1984 to bring an engineering discipline to software creation and acquisition. Our goal in training and developing the SEI AI division is similar: to transform the creation of AI systems from ad hoc and personalized systems. repeatable, scalable and reliable program and service solutions that can help DoD achieve its mission, ”said Paul nielsen, Director and CEO of SEI. “Matt’s knowledge and actual experience in industry, DoD, and the intelligence community will help DoD and other government agencies ensure that AI capabilities meet mission needs today and in the future.”

Gaston has published in the areas of complex networks, machine learning, multi-agent systems, and operations research. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Notre-Dame and his masters and doctorate. computer science degrees University of Maryland County of Baltimore.

“I am very pleased to lead the new SEI AI division and develop SEI’s engineering capabilities in AI in support of defense and national security,” said Gaston. “Using our initial work in the Emerging Technology Center and across SEI as a foundation, we plan to build on the strong legacy of software engineering research at SEI, launch new and exciting projects, work closely together with world-class AI researchers across CMU, and build a community of collaborators across government, industry and academia. “

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