City of Carlsbad Replaces 30-Year-Old Computer System


A $ 24,000 computer upgrade has been undertaken by the city of Carlsbad and is expected to provide utility customers with convenient online payment options, a deputy city administrator said.

Wendy Austin said the cost was significantly less than maintaining the current 30-year-old system.

“The current system is at the end of its software life and is no longer supported,” she said.

Tyler Technologies a Plano, Texas, a public sector software and technology services company, provided a Munis Citizen Self Service (CSS) web service for the city.

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“Munis is uniquely designed to help the public sector manage all aspects of government operations with precision, transparency and efficiency,” read the Tyler Technologies website.

Austin said the new system was integrated with the financial system.

“This helps our finance people to be more efficient and accurate. Additionally, the new system will give utility customers better access to their water usage and bills,” she said.

Wendy Austin, Assistant City of Carlsbad Administrator

“The new utility system is another step the City is taking to provide our citizens and employees from Public Safety to Finance with modern technology,” Austin added.

Data transfers from the old system to the new system begin on June 29 and end on July 23, according to documents from the city of Carlsbad.

CSS is scheduled to begin July 26, and operations and customer registrations have been set for August, according to the documents.

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