City commissioners approve cloud-based computer system

$180,000 in federal ARPA funds will be used by the City of Benton Harbor to upgrade the city’s computer systems to enable better security and remote working. In a meeting on Tuesday, the city commissioners approved the collaboration with Aunalytics for the installation of the new cloud system. Mayor Marcus Muhammad read the resolution, saying it will allow city staff to get up-to-date location information.

“Employees need to have access to operational software at all sites and have the ability to access the system while working in the field,” Muhammad said.

The city’s finance department reports that the current computer system is at risk because it is outdated and not housed in a properly secure location. The system is used for everything from payroll to rental records. Muhammad said the city previously elected to use a portion of its ARPA funds for operations, and that qualifies. The commissioners approved the upgrades without any opposition. Also on Tuesday, commissioners approved the expenditure of $319,000 in ARPA funds to purchase certain equipment for the public works department. The items are a Gutter Brooms dual mulcher and sweeper.

Gordon K. Morehouse